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San Clemente Villages

San Clemente Villages houses single graduate students in two- and four-bedroom apartments, with each bedroom occupied by one person only. Parking, utilities, and wireless internet are included. To be given on-time consideration for a housing contract, graduate students must apply online during the application period and adhere to all application procedures and deadlines. Family Student Housing in Storke and West Campus apartments is available to full-time registered students with families. If you are interested in privately-owned accommodations in the community, be sure to contact Community Housing Services before securing a place to stay.

Important Deadlines

  • March 1 | Housing Application Opens

    The 2024-25 Graduate Student Housing Application will be available on March 1, 2024 at 10:00am. There is no application fee. If you are still waiting to receive a confirmation email from us within a few minutes of submitting your application, check your spam folder. Please check your U-Mail account directly and frequently to avoid missing any important messages from UCSB. It may not be reliable to forward your U-Mail to an alternate email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

  • March 12 | Priority consideration deadline for Continuing Grads

    The housing application priority consideration closes on March 12. Students who apply by March 12 will be considered on-time applicants for housing. All students applying after March 12 will be added to the late applicant list for consideration after our new student application processes are concluded.

  • Late March-Early April | Contracts Offered

    Contract offers will be determined by a lottery process. Students who receive a contract may exercise the option to choose preferred roommates from other students with a contract. We anticipate that available space in our housing communities will be limited. UCSB typically only houses less than half of its continuing student population, and every student who applies may not receive a contract offer. Students not awarded an offer initially, but who also applied by March 13, may remain on a priority list for future spaces. We recommend students without contracts explore other possibilities and attend our educational programs regarding community housing options. 

  • July 1 | Roommate Process Deadline

    Students who have a 2023-24 contract can create a roommate group with other contract holders in San Clemente Villages by using the optional roommate process. This is optional and those who do not complete the process by July 1 will be matched based upon the answers to their roommate preference questions.

  • July 14 | Cancellation Deadline for $100

    There is a $100 cancellation fee from the time of signing the contract until July 14. Starting July 15 there is a $350 cancellation fee until August 31.

  • Mid-August | Room Assignments

    Assignment letters will be emailed along with instructions for signing up for a move-in time.

  • September 1 | Cancellation Deadline for $350

    The deadline to cancel your housing contract for a $350 cancellation fee is September 1. If you've already moved in or it's after September 1, you may cancel by submitting a 30-day notice of termination and will be responsible for rent through the end of that 30 days.



  • September 21-22 | Move-In Weekend

    Welcome. Let the countdown begin! Visit our Move-In website for up-to-date information.

  • Late September | Off Campus Meal Plan

    Don't feel like cooking? UCSB Residential Dining offers students who don't live in the residence halls the option to eat in the UCSB Dining Commons through the Off Campus Meal Plan. The UCSB-owned and operated Tenaya Market & Eatery is conveniently located at the San Joaquin Villages apartment complex at the corner of El Colegio and Storke Roads, and offers local and sustainable food options as well. 

Personal Property Insurance

UC Santa Barbara requires renters insurance for all residents of campus housing. Renters insurance provides valuable protection if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged, including laptop computers, smartphones, bicycles, game consoles, textbooks, clothing, and other personal items. If your laptop or other valuables are stolen or damaged, you are responsible for replacing them - not the school. Renter’s insurance may also protect you financially for unintentional damage to the apartment and/ or bodily injury for which you are liable. The GradGuard insurance policy was designed for University of California students. Alternatively, you can check with your private homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy about coverage. If you don't have your housing assignment when you sign up, please use the following address:

University of California
Santa Barbara, CA  93107

If you have questions about the online application process, please contact University & Community Housing Services at 805-893-4371 or email your questions to Please visit our Rates page for fee information, and our Billing page for help navigating the payment process.



To inquire about gender-inclusive housing options available for students that identify as trans* or non-binary, please contact University & Community Housing Services at