Get it Fixed

We're here to help!

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Something Need Fixing in Your Residence?

If there is something not working or needs attention in your residence please submit a work order and one of our technicians will be out to take care of it. Access is restricted to campus network addresses only (campus workstations, wireless and VPN.)

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Need Help Getting Connected to the Internet?

Having trouble connecting to the internet? Submit a work order to our Residential Network (ResNet) help desk to get the help you need.

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Does Your Computer Need Repairing?

Connect with the Campus Store for hardware issues with your computer. You can schedule a consultation first if need be.

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Telephone and Cable Service Repairs?

UCSB Communications Services can help with telephone and cable service issues. Before submitting a request, please check their troubleshooting page**Access is restricted to campus network addresses only (campus workstations, wireless and VPN.)

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Move-in Condition Form

Fill out this form when you first move-in to avoid any questions or charges that may arise at the end of the school year. Access is restricted to campus network addresses only (campus workstations, wireless and VPN.)


Other Concerns


Access Cards
For all initial inquiries regarding access card issues in the Dining Commons, please contact the Access Desk at
Lost Keys/New Keys
To protect our residents, all key requests must be submitted through residence hall front desks or apartment offices.
Vending Machines
Please call the phone number on the vending machine or notify the residence front desk.
Washing Machines & Dryers
If a laundry machine is not working properly, place submit a work order via the "submit work order" or notify the residence front desk. If this is about a credit card transaction, the laundry system is set up so that when a payment is made with a credit card, it will be pre-authorized for $8, which is just a hold on the card. After three hours, the card will be charged for what was actually spent on laundry. The bank will release the $8 hold when the transaction is finalized. These transactions usually take 24-72 hours to completely settle. If that $8 transaction hasn’t settled after 72 hours, please contact WASH, the laundry vendor, at (800) 342-5932.


  • If there is a life threatening emergency call 9-911 or 911.
  • The online maintenance work request system to get something fixed in your residence is NOT for reporting Maintenance Emergencies or Safety Issues.
  • During regular Monday-Friday work hours, please report maintenance emergencies or safety issues to the residence hall front desk, apartment office, or building staff. After hours and weekends report maintenance emergencies to your on-call staff listed under 'after hours' under Important Numbers on the Contact Us page.