Important Dates

Please check the Office of the Registrar website for important dates related to the Academic Calendar.


Sep 27

Week of Welcome (WOW)

Sep 28

First Day of Instruction

Nov 10

Veteran's Day Administrative Holiday

Nov 23

Thanksgiving (Administrative Holiday)

Campus offices will be closed 11/23-11/24.

Dec 08

Last Day of Fall Classes

Dec 15

Fall Quarter Final Exam Week Starts

Dec 15

Fall Quarter Ends

Dec 30

New Years (Administrative Holiday)

Campus offices will be closed December 30, 2023 - January 2, 2024

Jan 08

Winter Quarter Instruction Begins

Jan 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Administrative Holiday)

Feb 19

President's Day (Administrative Holiday)

Mar 15

Last Day of Winter Classes

Mar 15

Spring Break Begins

  • Residence Halls will close by 10:00am on the Saturday prior to each break period, requiring students to vacate university housing by this time if they have not registered for break housing. Students are permitted to return when halls reopen again at 10:00am the Sunday prior to the start of instruction for the subsequent quarter. 
  • Students may leave their belongings in their rooms during Spring Break, as long as they have a housing contract for the subsequent quarter and plan to return to university housing. 
  • You may only stay in the residence halls during spring break if you have registered for break housing with UCHS and pay the associated fee for staying. Emails will be sent to your student account prior to the break both by UCHS and Residence Hall Lead Staff providing notice to give students plenty of time to complete the necessary contract in order to stay. 
  • Please note that minimal services are provided during break periods (e.g., dining commons are closed and only limited staffing remains in the buildings).
  • Information about preparing for breaks will be posted in all residence halls prior to each break period.
  • Students approved for break housing will need to secure a temporary electronic key at their front desks prior to the break to gain access to their residence hall, as general student keys will be deactivated when halls close at 10:00am on Saturday. 

UCSB Apartment residents may stay in their apartments during all academic year breaks for no extra fee.


Mar 22

Winter Quarter Final Exam Week Starts

Mar 29

Caesar Chavez Day (Administrative Holiday)

Apr 03

Spring Quarter Begins

May 27

Memorial Day (Administrative Holiday)

Jun 07

Last Day of Spring Classes

Jun 08

Spring Quarter Final Exam Week Starts

Jun 14

Spring Quarter Ends

Jun 16

Commencement Weekend

Commencement takes place June 15 - 16, 2024.

Jun 24

Summer Quarter Begins

Jul 04

Independence Day (Administrative Holiday)

Sep 02

Labor Day (Administrative Holiday)

Sep 14

Summer Quarter Ends

Dec 25

Christmas (Administrative Holiday)

Campus offices will be closed 12/25-12/26.