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Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Police, Fire & Rescue 911
Campus Police 805-893-3446
Department Phone Number
Academic Advising - College of Creative Studies
Academic Advising - College of Engineering 805-893-2809
Academic Advising - College of Letters & Science 805-893-2038
After Hours: Family Student Housing 805-451-1660
After Hours: San Clemente Villages 805-451-9416
After Hours: El Dorado, Santa Ynez & Westgate Apartments 805-451-1470
After Hours: San Joaquin Villages & Sierra Madre Villages 805-869-3899
After Hours / Front Desk: Anacapa Residence Hall 805-893-2189
After Hours / Front Desk: Manzanita Village 805-893-6161
After Hours / Front Desk: San Miguel Residence Hall 805-893-2275
After Hours / Front Desk: San Nicolas Residence Hall 805-893-2469
After Hours / Front Desk: San Rafael Residence Hall 805-893-2569
After Hours / Front Desk: Santa Catalina Residence Hall 805-893-7202
After Hours / Front Desk: Santa Cruz Residence Hall 805-893-2680
After Hours / Front Desk: Santa Rosa Residence Hall 805-893-2772
AIDS Hotline
Airport (SBA)
Alcohol/Drug Awareness
BARC Office
Bike Shop (AS)
Bus (Greyhound)
Bus (MTD)
Campus Store (UCen)
Campus Switchboard 805-893-8000
CARE: Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education (24/7 confidential hotline) 805-893-4613
Community Service Organization (CSO)
Community Housing Services
Communication Services
Career Services
Dining Commons Menus
Disabled Student Services
Disaster-Road Info
Domestic Violence Line and Shelter Services (24/7)
Educational Opportunity Program
Escort Service (CSO)
Financial Aid
Fire Marshal
Gas Company
Hospital (Sansum/Cottage)
Housing Main Line
Information (UCSB)
Isla Vista Medical Clinic
Legal Services (AS)
Maintenance Emergencies (M-F, 8a-5p; after hours report to on-call staff listed above under "after hours"). For a non-urgent maintenance issue, please place an online work order.
Multicultural Center
Ombuds Office
Parking Services
Poison Control Center
Rape Crisis Hotline (Santa Barbara County)
Recreation Center
Residence Housing Association
Residential & Community Living
ResNet Hotline
Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity 805-893-5847
Santa Ynez Office
Sierra Madre Villages Office 805-893-3570
SoCal Edison
Storke Family Housing Office
Student Health
Student Life, Office of
Students Needs Advising Center 805-893-2786
Train (Amtrak)
University & Community Housing Services
University Religious Center
Visitors Center
Women’s Center
Women’s Shelter Crisis


Staff Directory Phone Number
Ben Price, Director 805-893-7393
Masha Aksenova, Associate Director, Application Support 805-893-7393
Mike Smith, Associate Director, Data Services, BI & Reporting 805-893-7393
Alex Mook, Associate Director, Technical Infrastructure 805-893-7393
John Niessen, Associate Director, Network & Security 805-893-7393
Kip Bates, Associate Director, CyberSecurity 805-893-7393
Scott Missman, Associate Director, End User Support 805-893-7393
Information Systems, Help Desk (isDesk) 805-893-5555
Information Systems Office 805-893-7393
ResNet Help Desk 805-893-5555
Staff Directory Phone Number

Wilfred Brown, Associate Vice Chancellor


Shalauna Miller, Chief of Staff


Gabrielle Coulousi, Administrative Analyst


Julianne Levangie, Director, Multimedia Communications & Marketing


Eric Zobel, Graphic Artist & Webmaster


Carol Hirashima, Multimedia Marketing & Design Specialist


Vacant, Director, Organizational & Performance Management


Gracie Huerta, Bilingual Training Specialist


Staff Directory Phone Number
Melissa Jarnagin, Director/CFO 805-893-8101
Amber Laningham, Business & Finance Administrative Assistant 805-893-8733
Rochelle Abraham, Housing Finance Manager 805-893-5488
Julie Ballesteros, Procurement Analyst 805-893-4436
Amy Jacobs, Human Resources Business Partner 805-893-5518
Camille Locklear, Human Resources Generalist 805-893-4014
Liana Decierdo, Analyst, Faculty & Staff Housing 805-893-4448
Bobby Zavala, Analyst, Capital Projects & Energy Management 805-893-6169
Residence Halls Phone Number
Anacapa Residence Hall 805-893-2189
Manzanita Village 805-893-6161
San Miguel Residence Hall 805-893-2275
San Nicolas Residence Hall 805-893-2469
San Rafael Residence Hall 805-893-2569
Santa Catalina Residence Hall 805-893-7202
Santa Cruz Residence Hall 805-893-2680
Santa Rosa Residence Hall 805-893-2772
Apartments Phone Number
Storke Family Student Housing 805-893-2617
San Joaquin Villages, Sierra Madre Villages, and West Campus Apts 805-893-3570
El Dorado, San Clemente Villages, Santa Ynez, Westgate Apts 805-893-4501
Staff Directory Phone Number
Whitney Morris, Director 805-893-6028
Lauren Weiner, Associate Director 805-893-5880
Simon Herrera, Assistant Director 805-893-4548
Julie Miller, Conference Manager 805-893-8181
Angelica Diaz, Conference Manager 805-893-2874
Phoebe Frisch-Gebhart, Conference Manager 805-893-6026
David Sanders, Database & Meetings Manager 805-893-6027
Kelly Stanley, Manager, Finance & Administration 805-893-7742
Brian Shively, Assistant Manager, Finance & Administration 805-893-6029
Sara Engebrits, Marketing & Membership Director, The Club & Guest House 805-893-7744
Vacant, Guest House Manager, The Club & Guest House 805-893-7781
Administration Phone Number
General Dining Information 805-893-3093
Dining Commons Menu 805-893-2304
Jill Horst, Executive Director 805-893-4836
Ron Varenchik, Director, Residential Dining 805-893-5924
Robbie Wright, Associate Director, Residential Dining 805-893-3315
Marisol Gomez, Administrative Manager 805-893-4835
Danielle Kemp, Dietitian, Purchasing and Systems Manager 805-893-5519
Carrillo Dining Commons Phone Number
Soteris Nicolaou, General Manager 805-893-4496
Hyacinth Locke, Personnel Manager 805-893-3017
De La Guerra Dining Commons Phone Number
Cresencio Acevedo, General Manager 805-893-2812
Patt Lunsky, Personnel Manager 805-893-5782
Ortega Dining Commons Phone Number
Jeff Hillery, General Manager 805-893-2355
Jacques Manoux, Personnel Manager 805-893-2355
Portola Dining Commons Phone Number
Martin Schneider 805-893-4302
Vacant, Personnel Manager 805-893-4733
Administration Phone Number
Marian Bankins, Interim Director 805-893-8881
Administrative Team Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-3281
Danielle Reed, Administrative Manager 805-893-3838
Rachel Fabian, Assistant Administrative Manager 805-893-4813
Amy Boyle, Administrative Project Coordinator 805-893-6166
Maria Arroyo, Administrative Services Coordinator (Storke Family Student Housing) 805-893-2617
Debora Pentecost, Lead Administrative Services Coordinator (El Dorado, San Clemente Villages, Santa Ynez, and Westgate Apartments) 805-893-4501
Stefani Juarez, Lead Administrative Services Coordinator (San Joaquin Villages, Sierra Madre Villages, and West Campus Apartments) 805-893-3570
Vacant, Financial Manager 805-893-4946
Tanya Munoz, Financial Assistant 805-893-8008
University & Community Housing Services Phone Number
Mario Munoz, Associate Director 805-893-7177
Jenn Birchim, Manager, Community Housing Services 805-893-4376
Gina Gonzales, Manager, Manager, University Housing Services 805-893-4937
Tom Spiva, Manager, Housing Services Systems & Operations 805-893-3640
Danny Laub, Housing Systems Analyst 805-893-4136
Jessie Long, Housing Systems Analyst 805-893-4136
Jeremy Guida, Housing Systems Analyst 805-893-4136
Lou Andrade, Housing Services Coordinator 805-893-4371
Vacant, Housing Services Coordinator 805-893-4371
Becky Villaneda, Housing Services Coordinator 805-893-4371
David Valadez, Housing Services Coordinator 805-893-4371
Cristina Martinez, Housing Services Coordinator 805-893-5684
Conduct & Student Leadership Phone Number
Kristen Burnett, Associate Director 805-893-4824
Yasmin Quigley, Manager, Residential Student Conduct 805-893-4186
Meghan Carlson, Housing Social Worker 805-893-8656
Preet Neki, Conduct Officer 805-893-7196
Oscar Ramirez, Conduct Officer 805-893-2292
Deejay Johnson, Manager, Student Leadership Programs 805-893-2391
Nicholas Lee, Student Leadership Program Advisor 805-893-4878
James Forrester, Student Leadership Program Advisor 805-893-6122
Residence Housing Association Office 805-893-4877
Residence Hall Student Life Phone Number
William Jankowski, Associate Director 805-893-5831
Terrie Tran Assistant Director 805-893-3077
Pamela Scott, Assistant Director 805-893-5025
Shannon Balram, Assistant Director 805-893-7473
Anacapa Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-2189
Isheeta Rahman, Resident Director 805-893-8241
Jonathan Johnson, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-5462
Pedro Vences, Lead Laborer 805-893-3567
Manzanita Village Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-6161
Kaity Roos, Resident Director 805-893-6164
Sibongile Makatini, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-6171
E'llecse Logan, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-6165
Dr. Amit Ahuja, Faculty In Residence 805-893-6170
Ramiro Arreola, Residence Hall Manager 805-893-6162
San Miguel Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-2275
Abbi Gregory, Resident Director 805-893-5070
Stav Tsur, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-2606
Arturo Ortiz, Lead Laborer 805-893-3313
San Nicolas Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-2469
Zekee Silos, Resident Director 805-893-8516
Julia Samuel, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-5266
Mario Jimenez, Assistant Residence Hall Manager 805-893-3531
San Rafael Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-2569
José Gámez, Resident Director 805-893-8168
Danny Tapp, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-5987
Ramiro Arreola, Residence Hall Manager 805-893-2225
Santa Catalina Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk North & South Towers 805-893-7202
Sierra Williams, North Tower Resident Director  805-893-5990
Nic Nesbit, North Tower Assistant Resident Director 805-893-5449
Ashley Knapp, South Tower Resident Director  805-893-2818
Joy Werner, South Tower Assistant Resident Director 805-893-5539
Ofelia Aguilera, Residence Hall Manager 805-893-3571
Santa Cruz Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-2680
Brandon Langford, Resident Director 805-893-3169
Havalin Nyivih, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-5453
Gerardo Martinez, Lead Laborer 805-893-3533
Santa Rosa Residence Hall Phone Number
Front Desk 805-893-2772
Ayanna Ross, Resident Director 805-893-8460
Anthony Bolden, Assistant Resident Director 805-893-4368
Shelly Vargas, Residence Hall Manager 805-893-3532
Apartment Student Life Phone Number
William Jankowski, Associate Director 805-893-5831
Terrie Tran, Assistant Director 805-893-3077
Shannon Balram, Assistant Director 805-893-7473
Front Desk: El Dorado, San Clemente Villages, Santa Ynez, Westgate Apartments 805-893-4501
Front Desk: Storke Family Student Housing 805-893-2617
Front Desk: San Joaquin Villages, Sierra Madre Villages, and West Campus Apartments 805-893-3570
Jeanette Gonzalez, Complex Coordinator, Family Student Housing 805-893-5461
Noreen Balos, Assistant Complex Coordinator, Family Student Housing 805-893-8234
Kianna Tarango, Complex Coordinator, Santa Ynez, El Dorado & Westgate Apartments 805-893-3035
Jesse Rodriguez, Assistant Complex Coordinator, Santa Ynez, El Dorado & Westgate Apartments 805-893-4908
Sweets Underwood, Complex Coordinator, San Joaquin & Sierra Madre Villages 805-893-7248
Jemila Moses, Assistant Complex Coordinator, San Joaquin & Sierra Madre Villages 805-893-4396
Brandon Johnson, Complex Coordinator, San Clemente Villages 805-893-5451
Stevie Sandy, Assistant Complex Coordinator, San Clemente Villages 805-893-5507
Staff Directory Phone Number
Brian Graham, Director 805-893-4078
Ernesto Villegas, Associate Director, Project Management 805-893-2579
Marlene Cohen, Associate Director, Housekeeping & Landscape Services 805-893-7052
Danny Mann, Associate Director, Maintenance Services 805-893-4476
Mark Rousseau, Assistant Director, Energy & Environmental Services 805-893-3092
Andy Johnson, Sr. Superintendent, Maintenance 805-893-3312
Caesar Martinez, Sr. Superintendent, Maintenance 805-893-8616
Steve Federlein, Sr. Superintendent, Maintenance 805-893-2579
Manuel Herrera, Sr. Superintendent, Grounds 805-893-4529
Vacant, Manager, Business Services 805-893-4340
Kimberly Paul, Financial Analyst 805-893-5522
Cristina Esparza, Human Resources Generalist 805-893-4678
Brad Gray, Material & Logistics Manager 805-893-7216
Operations Service Center, Call to place maintenance work orders or in a maintenance emergency. You can also place them online. 805-893-3312