UCSB Residence Halls Move In Information


**Please note: new text is being prepared specific to Fall 2020 Move-in during the COVID pandemic and will appear here shortly. Thank you for your patience!

Please see our COVID Community Guidelines Handbook for more information.


We are looking forward to move-in weekend, a great academic year and helping you to get connected in an amazing environment. We will continue to update this page with information about move-in, including traffic or construction issues. Please check back a few days before your scheduled move-in day to make sure you have all the necessary information. In the meantime connect with us and other Gauchos now via social media using the buttons above.

PLEASE FOLLOW the directions on this page as well as the directions on the move in page specific to your new residence. Do not follow Waze or Google maps. Thank you!

Moving In

What day/time can I move in?

  • For all residence halls except Santa Catalina: All students will be assigned a check-in time for their move-in day. You may arrive on or after your move-in time, but not before.
  • For Santa Catalina: move-in occurs over three days. Therefore, residents are assigned both a day AND a time to move-in. You may arrive on or after that day and time, but not before.
  • Move-in times will be e-mailed to residents' UCSB email account in early September. Check-in times are scheduled to maximize traffic and elevator efficiency.
  • Friday, September 20, 2019: Santa Catalina (Day 1 of 3)
  • Saturday, September 21, 2019: Anacapa; San Nicolas; Santa Catalina (Day 2 of 3); Santa Cruz; and Manzanita
  • Sunday, September 22, 2019: San Miguel; San Rafael; Santa Catalina (Day 3 of 3); and Santa Rosa

Where Do I Find My Move-In Information?

  • Instructions for move-in time signups were included in the room assignment email sent to your UCSB email account. If you need to change your time, or have not yet selected a time, please visit the link in your assignment email to view available slots. To ease congestion, please be sure to arrive during your selected move-in day and time. If you plan to arrive after your hall’s opening day, you may arrive anytime between 9am and 10pm. 

How Does Check-In Work?

  • ​Once you arrive at UCSB please follow all signage and staff directions to your unloading zone. Please display unloading zone pass face up on your dashboard. Additional passes are available when you arrive if you bring more than one vehicle.
  • Once you arrive at the unloading area, the student will check in at the tent with their Access Card while the family unloads the auto (single student drivers will be allowed to briefly park in a designated area). Unloading time is limited to 15 minutes. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the unloading zone.
  • As soon as the room key is obtained, the student must return to the unloading area. After unloading is complete, one person will have to move the car from the unloading zone to one of the long-term lots and can then return either following our walking tour of campus or using a shuttle. The unloading pass will serve as a complimentary parking permit for Move-in Weekend.
  • Please be prepared for some traffic, and it's probably best to bring some water and snacks for the car as the weather can be hot during this time and waits can last a long time. When you arrive we will have carts to help you unload quickly.

What Do I Need to Check-in?

  • It is best to have your Access Card with your student PERM number, which is a 7-digit number assigned to you by the university. This will provide us with information during check-in. Many new students often obtain this during orientation; however, if you don't yet have your access card, please bring a photo ID to check in and get your access card at the UCen Information Desk from 8am-4pm on September 21 and 22, or during normal business hours the following week.
  • You must bring your move-in pass with you. This will be mailed to your permanent address two weeks before move-in. This pass also serves as your parking pass for the weekend. Please leave this parking pass on your windshield as you approach campus. This will help our checkpoint attendants guide you to your destination.
  • Please try to avoid large vehicles (RVs, U-Hauls, etc.)

What Should I Bring?

  • We recommend that residents reach out to their roommates to coordinate what they are going to bring to the room to allow residents to maximize the space in their rooms. However, at a minimum, each resident should bring:
    • Pillow & pillowcase
    • Sheets & mattress cover (beds are extra large twin size) 
    • Blankets 
    • Towels 
    • Bathrobe & shower shoes
    • Toiletries and carrying caddy
    • Multiple face coverings
    • A thermometer
    • Headphones
    • A set of personal reusable cutlery and reusable cloth napkins
  • Many residents may also want to bring
    • a laundry basket and detergent;
    • decorations – push pins for posters, etc.;
    • filtered water pitcher (e.g. Brita or Pur);
    • refrigerator (4.5 cu. ft. or smaller). The UCSB Campus Store (formerly The UCSB Bookstore) has an agreement with Collegiate Concepts for refrigerator rentals that will be delivered directly to student rooms;
    • hot beverage mug, reusable water bottle, other dishes and utensils for snacks;
    • bicycle, helmet, U-Lock and bike light (put lock and light on bike before leaving home);
    • computer and printer;
    • high quality surge protector(s);
    • small fan;
    • rain gear;
    • small desk lamp;
    • lawn chair for outdoor social distancing meetings;
    • if you're planning to work on-campus, or anywhere in the local area, you will need to have original documentation to verify your eligibility to work; see these links for more information US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) acceptable documents and Employment Eligibility Verification form (see page 3). 
  • The following items are NOT allowed:
    • Explosives, firearms, or other weapons
    • Illegal drugs or alcohol
    • Empty alcohol containers as decorations
    • Torchiere-style (floor lamps), halogen, or incandescent lamps 
    • Waterbeds
    • Pets (no unapproved pets allowed in buildings at any time, especially during Move-In Weekend);
    • Cooking in rooms is not allowed and thus equipment, including (but not limited to): microwave, hot plate, coffee pot, hot water kettle, toaster, rice cooker, grill, hot coils, and popcorn poppers are prohibited

The UCSB Dining Commons will be open for students and their families over Move-in Weekend. Prices for guest meals are $12 for adults and $9 for children ages 4-12.

Late Arrival

If you arrive at a time after your allotted time on Move-In Weekend to unload your items you must pay for parking at the automated permit dispenser in a visitor parking lot (10, 16, 18, or 22). Once you've purchased the permit you may use the 30-minute parking spaces near your residence hall for active unloading if you have the visitor parking permit displayed on your dashboard. When you're finished, move your vehicle to the visitor parking lot to avoid exceeding the 30 minute time limit. Pick up keys and check-in at your building's front desk while the desk is open (to 11PM in most cases). Carts to help you move should be available.

Getting to UCSB

There are a number of ways to access UCSB from the north and the south. For move-in at Anacapa, San Miguel, San Nicolas, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Manzanita, and San Rafael we recommend that all residents arriving to campus via the 101 Freeway follow the below directions:

From Highway 101 North (arriving from areas south of UCSB)

  • Exit on CA-217
  • Proceed to traffic circle
    • For those going to Manzanita and San Rafael take the Mesa Road exit
    • For those going to San Nicolas, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Anacapa, and Santa Cruz take the Lagoon Road exit
  • Follow signs to your specific complex


From Highway 101 South (arriving from areas north of UCSB)

  • Exit Los Carneros Road and turn right
  • Continue on Los Carneros for approximately 1 mile
  • Turn left onto Mesa Road
  • Follow signs to your specific complex


For residents in Santa Catalina, we ask that you check-in at a separate location to pick up your keys before proceeding to Santa Catalina itself:

  • From Highway 101 South (arriving from areas north of UCSB)
    • Exit Los Carneros Road and turn right
    • Continue on Los Carneros for approximately 1 mile
    • Turn right onto Discovery Drive
    • Follow signs to check-in area
  • From Highway 101 North (arriving from areas south of UCSB)
    • Exit Los Carneros Road and turn left
    • Continue on Los Carneros for approximately 1 mile
    • Turn right onto Discovery Drive
    • Follow signs to check-in area


*click map to open


We Support Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling  

UCSB Zero Waste Move-In Tips 
To avoid unnecessary waste and save money, please follow these “Zero Waste Move-In Tips.” UCSB as well as the entire UC system have committed to Zero Waste as a goal by 2020. You can help!
  • Space is tight, especially if you’re in a triple – so less is more (less stuff = more space to relax).
  • Only pack what you need. Remember, you will likely be returning home at the end of the quarter for holiday break and can swap out seasonal clothing. Buy supplies that you know you will use. It is exciting to buy all new materials for college, but it is very easy to create a lot of waste. Start with what you already have and buy the essentials, you can always get more later.
  • Discuss what appliances you plan to bring with your roommates. Be mindful of your shared space and try to make arrangements to share items such as a mini refrigerator, iron or television to ensure everyone is comfortable.
  • Don’t buy “just in case” items. You will usually be able to borrow items from your neighbors and friends, or find free resources around campus. Learn about programs on campus that help students get important items.
  • Donate, donate, donate. If you are moving into a residence hall, you have limited space to share. Luckily, the laundry room is never too far. Take this opportunity to purge your closet (or just leave it behind for now) and just bring what you will absolutely use. Donate clothes and other items that you don’t need or want!
  • Pack with what you have. Laundry baskets, storage bins, drawers, baskets, pillow cases, towels, and other reusable materials can be utilized as packing materials. Avoid using plastic trash bags. Use recycled boxes if needed ─ check a local grocery store, liquor store, or your workplace for secondhand boxes.
  • Re-use those boxes. Fold the flaps of your cardboard boxes so they will not require tape. Instead of bubble wrap, try household towels or newspaper for fragile items. Make sure to reuse or recycle all of your packaging later. Avoid using tape if possible, as it make recycling cardboard harder.
  • Used items are even better than new! You can buy used textbooks, iClickers, furniture, decorations, clothing, and more. There are textbook and item exchange pages through Facebook specific for UCSB students and the Santa Barbara community. You can also rent textbooks through the UCSB Library, and iClickers through Associated Students https://techrental.as.ucsb.edu/.

​Follow the above tips and together we can make a difference in supporting UCSB on its way to becoming a sustainable community!