Can a student group reserve space for an event in any of the housing communities and/or dining areas, and/or provide flyers for advertising purposes?


Meeting Space availability for student groups varies during the academic year and summer months. As part of our mission, we exist to enhance the learning and living activities of our residents and use of these areas should reflect and reinforce this. Please see below for contact information related to specific areas.

Main Lounges, Classrooms, Pools and Recreation Rooms: (Due to limited community spaces available to our residents, we will not be accepting room reservations from campus student organizations in university-owned residence halls and apartments. Please refer to the Campus Space Reservations process for options on campus.)

Loma Pelona Center:

West Conference Center:

Lawn Request / San Miguel Stage Request: Contact the Residential Housing Association (805-893-4877) during the academic year by filling out the Grounds Department Lawn Use Request Form. For questions about the form, contact the Residential Operations Services Center (805-893-3312 or email   

Tabling outside of a Dining Commons: Contact the Residential Housing Association (805-893-4877) by filling out the Dining Commons Tabling Request Form. After the RHA President signs it, the form then needs to be taken to the Dining Commons for the General Manager to approve. Groups are not allowed to table inside the Dining Commons.  

If you're interested in making flyers available for your event in our communities, please contact the respective Resident Director or Complex Coordinator for each area. You may find their contact information on our Contact Us page under Residential & Community Living.