Appeals Process

Any student found responsible for a violation of University and/or Housing policy has the right to appeal. Appeals must be made in writing and must be submitted within ten (10) business days of the date appearing on the Decision Letter.

The student's appeal may request that the sanctions be reduced or eliminated or that the case be referred back to the original staff member for further discussion. Any such appeal must specify in detail one or more of the following alleged conditions:

  • Lack of substantial basis of fact to support the sanction (invoked or proposed)

  • Incongruity of sanction with the offense

  • Unfairness in the proceedings

  • Newly discovered important evidence not known at the time of the hearing

  • In all disciplinary cases there is only one appropriate level of appeal (i.e. you cannot appeal an appeal). Disciplinary action as a result of an appeal is final.

Appeal Review

The appeal will be forwarded to the appropriate Appeals Officer and reviewed. A final determination as to the outcome of the incident will be available for the student within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of the appeal.

Only written materials pertaining to the incident, including any additional written material supplied by the charged student, will be reviewed. Using the four criteria established for the consideration of appeals, the Appeals Officer will determine whether:

  • The finding and original sanction should be upheld;

  • The finding should be upheld but the sanction should be modified;

  • The case should be referred back to the original staff member or to a different hearing body for further review;

  • The original finding (and therefore sanctions) should be dismissed