I don't like my roommates, how can I get out of my lease?


First you will need to discuss your plans with your roommates. If you have a month-to-month contract you will need to give your landlord and roommates 30-day written notice. If your lease is a fixed term agreement, in most cases,you will need their permission to release you from it. Once you have their permission you can approach your landlord about his/her procedures. S/he will likely tell you to come back again once you found a suitable replacement for yourself. You must always have permission from the landlord to end your tenancy. Both your roommates and the landlord must approve of your replacement. An application and screening process will likely be required by the landlord. Once the replacement has been found your roommates will have to sign a document releasing you from the lease. Remember that while you are still on the lease at your old place it is not wise to sign onto another lease. Signing 2 leases means you will be liable for rent and damages on 2 units.