How do I do laundry in a UCSB Residence Hall or Apartment Complex?


Each of our Residence Halls and Apartment complexes are equipped with a laundry facility for residents to use. Residents can use a credit/debit card directly at each machine (Visa and Mastercard) to do their laundry. The laundry system is set up so that when a payment is made with a credit card, it will be pre-authorized for $8, which is just a hold on the card. After 3 hours, the card will be charged for what was actually spent on laundry. The bank will release the $8 hold when the transaction is finalized. These transactions usually take 24-72 hours to completely settle. If that $8 transaction hasn’t settled after 72 hours, please contact WASH, the laundry vendor, at 800-342-5932.