Can I stay in the residence halls during breaks?

Residents in any residence hall may opt to stay over the Thanksgiving break without an additional fee. However, you may only stay in the residence halls during winter and/or spring break if you live in select buildings and agree to pay the fee associated with each break period. You should plan ahead if you think that you might need housing during these break periods so that you can be placed in one of four eligible halls: Manzanita Village, San Nicolas Residence Hall, San Miguel Residence Hall or San Rafael Residence Hall. Since break housing in these buildings is optional, your Resident Director will send a detailed informational message to your university email account approximately three weeks prior to each eligible break period that will include a link at which you can sign up for break housing if you choose to do so. Please note that minimal services are provided during break periods (e.g., dining commons are closed and only limited staffing remains in the buildings). Additionally, information about preparing for winter and spring breaks will be posted in all residence halls prior to each break period.
If you do not live in a break housing hall or do not choose to sign up for break housing, you must vacate your residence hall by 10:00 a.m. on the Saturday prior to each break period and cannot return until the halls reopen again the Sunday prior to the start of instruction for the subsequent quarter. You may leave your belongings in your room. 
UCSB Apartment residents may stay in their apartments during all academic year breaks for no extra fee.