Apartments Move-Out Information

For 2021 move out information, instructions will be sent via email. 


Please visit our Residence Halls Move Out page for detailed information on Residence Halls Move Out


  • All UCSB Apartments close Monday, June 14, 2021 at Noon.


Prior to Move Out: Pick up a check out envelope from the main office.

On the day you move out:

  1. Remove key/s from key ring.
  2. Place your key/s in the check out envelope.
  3. Carefully read, sign, and seal the envelope.
  4. Drop off the envelope at the office. During non-business hours, please place the envelope in the mail slot or after-hours drop box.

*After you move out: Be sure to check your U-Mail email account for correspondence regarding move out billings.

Preliminary Inspections (optional): Our operations staff is available to advise you on what needs to be cleaned BEFORE you move out of your apartment to avoid cleaning charges. Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis, Monday through Friday, 10am-12pm.
Final Inspections: Final inspections will be conducted by a staff member after you check out. Move out billings will be determined at this time.


  • All charges will be determined at the final inspection after you have vacated your apartment.
  • Common area cleaning and damage charges will be divided among all residents in the apartment.*
  • Charges will be billed to your BARC account, and a letter detailing the charges will be mailed to your U-Mail inbox.
  • You have the right to appeal move out charges assessed to your BARC account.

In the event that charges are determined, the University will not serve as an arbitrator in any dispute between residents over charges. We cannot share current or previous resident personal information (i.e. names, address, phone numbers, etc.).

  • Cleaning: minimum of $41.78/hour
  • Damages: minimum of $54.50/hour + materials
  • Late Check Out: $100/day + daily rent (check out after 12 noon)
  • Parking Permit: Return to Transportation & Parking Services for a refund
  • Improper Check Out: $50 (not returning key in the signed check out envelope and/or leaving keys in the apartment or on a key ring)
  • Lost Keys: front door $50, mail $35, bedroom $50, Temp ekey $10


You must do the following:

  • Remove all personal belongings from the apartment.
  • Remove and dispose of all trash and recyclables.
  • Thoroughly clean all areas and return furniture to original locations from move-in day (floorplans).
  • Return your keys in the signed and sealed check out envelope.


How to appeal:

  • You have approximately 4 weeks from the time you receive your damage notification via email to appeal. Please refer to the email for a specific date and time the appeal must be received.
  • Write an email including your name, perm #, apartment number, the amount you were charged, and a detailed description of why the charge is being appealed.
  • Submit appeal to
  • Each resident must appeal their own charges individually.


  • Loading will be available along the east-west corridor and the north bicycle path Wednesday through Friday from 7am to 7pm and Saturday from 7am to Noon. Unless you are loading at a curb with UCSB staff members present, you are required to have a valid parking permit during move out or you run the risk of getting a citation. Move out permits are available for purchase from the parking machine in lot 60


Apartment Cleaning Expectations

This information is intended to be a guideline for cleaning standards. Cleaning times may vary for each apartment.

  • Living Room: (1½ - 3¾ hours)
  • Carpets: Clean, thoroughly vacuumed; no stains
  • Soft furniture: Clean; no debris under cushions
  • Wood Furniture: Clean, dust free, drawers empty
  • All furniture returned to original settings
  • Windows: Inside clean, including sills
  • Walls/baseboards: Clean; no grease, stains, marks, cobwebs, screws, nails, tape, posters, glue residues
  • Kitchen: (3 - 7 hours)
  • Floors: Clean, swept, and stain free
  • Cabinets/Pantry: Clean; no stains, trash, food, stickers
  • Sink and counter: Clean; no stains, build up, mildew, grease, food debris
  • Stove: Clean; no stains, grease, food residues, stickers
  • Stove hood: Clean; no stains, grease (Air filter not included)
  • Refrigerator: Clean, empty; no stickers
  • Windows: Inside clean, including sills
  • Walls/baseboards: Clean; no grease, stains, marks, cobwebs, screws, nails, tape, posters, glue residues
  • Bathroom: (1¾ - 3 hours)
  • Floors: Clean, swept, and stain free
  • Toilets: Clean; no residues, stains, or calcium buildup
  • Bathtub/Shower: Clean; no soap scum, tar, calcium buildup, or mildew
  • Sinks: Clean; no soap, tooth paste, or other residues
  • Mirrors/Medicine cabinet: Clean and empty
  • Walls/baseboards: Clean; no grease, stains, marks, cobwebs
  • Hallways: (¾ - 1½ hours)
  • Floors: Clean, swept, and stain free
  • Cabinets: Clean and empty; no trash or personal items
  • Walls/baseboards: Clean; no grease, stains, marks, cobwebs, screws, nails, tape, posters, glue residues
  • Bedrooms: (1½ Hours - 3 hours)
  • Carpets: thoroughly vacuumed
  • Wood Furniture: Clean, dust free, drawers empty
  • Closets: Clean and empty; No trash or personal items
  • All furniture returned to original settings
  • Windows: Inside clean, including sills
  • Walls/baseboards: Clean; no grease, stains, marks, cobwebs, screws, nails, tape, posters, glue residues
  • Trash Removal: (½ - 3 hours)
  • Entire Apartment: Debris free; no trash or personal items
  • Balcony/Patio (where applicable): Debris free; no trash, furniture, discarded items
  • What can you do to avoid cleaning charges after move-out?
  • It is a requirement that your apartment be returned to us in the good condition you received it. Please use the following checklist as a guideline for cleaning your apartment:
  • Discuss move out cleaning with your roommates and split up responsibilities
  • Start cleaning early
  • Thoroughly clean each area on the cleaning expectations list

We Support Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling  

Zero Waste Tips for an Easy Move Out 

  • Donate what you can. IV GIVE collects unwanted items from UCSB/IV residents, including clothing, furniture, electronics, household items, toiletries, books, and nonperishable foods. Drop-off containers are located at the UCSB Residence Halls, UCSB Apartments, and Embarcadero Hall in early June. The GIVE Sale in 2019 is on Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd from 8am-5pm at Embarcadero Hall. Proceeds benefit IV non-profits & projects.
  • Remove recyclables early. Recycle bins tend to fill up at the end of the quarter as everyone prepares to move out. Clear out old notebooks, extra papers, and accumulated bottles and cans early to prevent the overflow. This also helps to reduce clutter.
  • Swap items with friends. Check in with your friends and neighbors to see if anyone has interest in that old sweater that you only wore once this winter, textbooks for next year’s classes, or even one of your spare water bottles. Exchange clothing, furniture, and books on Facebook as well. 
  • Pack with reusable or recyclable materials. Use reusable bins and bags, such as laundry baskets, to pack your belongings. Avoid using plastic trash bags. Use recycled boxes if needed ─ check a local grocery store, liquor store, or your workplace. Avoid using tape. Fold the flaps of your cardboard boxes so they will not require tape. Instead of bubble wrap, try household towels or newspaper for fragile items. Make sure to reuse or recycle all of your packaging later. 
  • Properly dispose of your items. Large furniture items should not be discarded on the sidewalks. Marborg conducts large-item pickups in Isla Vista during the last two weeks of June.
  • E-waste can be dropped off at the residence halls, the library, and more.
  •  If you have unopened food and you don't want it, donate it to AS Food Bank. If it's open, compost it.
 ​Follow the above tips and together we can make a difference in supporting UCSB on its way to becoming a sustainable community!

Mid-Year Move Outs

  • Be sure to work with the University & Community Housing Services office to properly cancel your contract.
  • Visit the complex office to pick up your move-out envelope.
  • To avoid move-out charges, thoroughly read the move-out instructions: