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The Student Conduct Staff

The Student Conduct staff are responsible for the administration of the residential conduct process at UCSB and advise the live-in professional staff on all disciplinary issues that occur within University Housing. Additionally the Student Conduct staff are responsible for the training and selection of Hearing Officers alongside the Peer Review Board, and are instrumental in managing the Restorative Justice program within University Housing. The Residential & Community Living office is located between the College of Creative Studies and the Santa Rosa Residence Hall.

Residential & Community Living
TB 335 UCen Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
Office: 805-893-3281
Fax: 805-893-4790


Kristen Burnett

Associate Director, Residential & Community Living

Assistant Dean of Students 805-893-3281

Yasmin Quigley

Manager, Student Conduct 805-893-3281

Oscar Ramirez

Conduct Officer 805-893-3281
Preet Neki Conduct Officer 805-893-3281