Roommate Information

Congratulations! You made it to UCSB! You have a unique living situation in which you are living with one or more roommates. Creating a positive roommate relationship will help you foster a great experience while living in university housing. We hope this page provides some guidance as you begin to build a relationship with your roommate(s).

Tips for communicating with your roommate:

  • Set a time to come together and discuss rules for your spaces. Even if you know your roommate prior to move-in day, living with someone is VERY different from simply "knowing" them and being friends with them.
  • Take turns expressing your concerns. BE HONEST with yourself and your roommate(s).
  • It is important to negotiate, compromise, and learn from each other through the process.
  • Remember, these are agreements you're committing to so make sure that everyone is on board. Do not be afraid to voice your feelings, even if you're not sure how your roommate will respond.

Please check this example of what you may want to cover during this conversation:               

If conflict arises, make sure to be honest and open with each other. Have a conversation to address your concerns, and reference the rules you made. If you find you need extra assistance, contact your Resident Assistant and try to establish some new ground rules and make a good faith effort at living together.  

To view who your roommates are and to see their umail address, please visit 2018-19 Roommates and log in with your UCSBnetID.