ResNet: Filesharing

I thought sharing was caring?

In addition to allowing you to download software and media, peer to peer download programs such as Ares, Limeware, DC++ and Gnutella also turn your computer into a server. Any media that exists on your computer is searched for by these programs and shared to the rest of the community of users. By actively using these programs, you are not only violating the ResNet Responsible Use Policy, but you are also in violation of copyright infringement laws. These violations can lead to legal action, which in some cases have resulted in fines.

Legal Filesharing Resources

Below are a list of resources for finding and downloading music legally. Buying music not only helps artists and bands, but it also keeps you on the right side of the law. With so many services available to provide you with legal music, there's no reason to use illegal P2P programs to get your music fix.

Buy Music

These services let you download single tracks at a fixed cost, and most cost less than $1.

Music Subscriptions

The sites below offer subscriptions that allow you to listen to as much music as you'd like, as long as you maintain the subscription. Spotify Premium costs $9.99/month and allows unlimited downloading and listening on all of your network enabled devices!


Listen to Music

Don't want to download, but still want to listen? These services let you stream music without downloading.

Free Music

Want free music? Some websites offer free mp3s to promote newer bands or older classics. Some of these offerings can expand your music collection and make it more robust.