Residence Halls Move-Out Information

AS THE ACADEMIC YEAR comes to a close, we would like to provide you with information about the closing of the residence halls and apartments so that you will know what to expect as you prepare for check out. We highly recommend that you check your Finals Schedule and arrange to move out as soon as you are done with your last final. We have heard from residents and their families that students who move out shortly after their last final are less stressed. Checking out earlier in the week also helps you to avoid weekend traffic and parking congestion from Commencement.


Residence Halls Close Saturday, June 13 at Noon.


Prior to Leaving EVERY Resident Must.....

Clean your room thoroughly!
This includes dusting and vacuuming (plan ahead as vacuums are one of the hardest items to get during closing week). Any excessive cleaning will result in charges to your BARC. Complete your move out checklist and affix it to the door when you leave. Please don’t leave a mess for your custodian to clean up — they have worked hard for you all year! Please refer to our detailed cleaning checklist.
room diagrams

Return all room furniture to the location it was in at check-in and de-loft beds.

Refer to Room Diagrams for more detailed information. If you need assistance, please contact your Resident Director or Assistant Resident Director.
Assess damages and reach a written agreement with your roommate(s).
If there are any damages or cleaning charges expected to be charged to the room that are not all residents’ responsibility, fill out a Damage/Cleaning Charge Agreement (available from your RA) and return it when you check out. Any charges not noted on this form will be the responsibility of all residents of the room equally and will be charged to all residents BARC accounts. We strongly suggest you exchange summer contact information with your roommates to communicate about charges to BARC. It is also helpful for maintenance staff when you report damages ahead of time. Please submit Work Order Requests online or at your Front Desk. Please note, you have a right to a pre-inspection to assess any potential problems with cleaning or damages. To arrange a pre-inspection, visit the front desk to make an appointment.
Remove your bike and all personal belongings.
Bikes must be removed from campus to avoid impound. Make sure to take all possessions and personal belongings with you when you leave to avoid charges. The CSO office will store bikes for the summer starting June 3. The charge is $30.00 for registered bikes and $40.00 for non-registered bikes. Call 805-893-3928 for more information. If you’d like to donate your bike, please see information regarding Project GIVE.   
Return your Keys
All keys must be returned in your move out envelope by Noon on Saturday, June 13.  An unreturned bedroom key will result in a $50 rekey fee. Any unreturned Ekey will result in a $10 rekey fee. Note: You must return your mailbox key to the UCen Post Office to avoid a $35 rekey fee.
Graduating or Working Commencement?
Please submit an Extended Check Out Request by 5pm on May 31 if you are graduating or working on campus for commencement weekend. The Resident Director must approve any exceptions in advance.

A Few Things to Note

  • Policy Violations that occur at the end of the Quarter will be addressed. 
  • Because final exams occur during check out, please be considerate and keep the noise level low. Remember 24-hour quiet hours are in effect throughout study week and finals. 
  • If necessary, University Hearings will be held in the summer, regardless of a student’s place of residence next year (on- or off-campus). Referral to the University’s Resident Conduct Office is also a possibility for policy violations occurring at the end of the year. 
  • If behavioral problems occur, students may be asked to check out immediately following their last final. Once you have checked out, you are not permitted back into the building. Refer to the Judicial Affairs page for more information. 
  • Your room will have a final inspection after you leave to determine whether there are damages or cleaning concerns for which you will be charged. These will be noted on the Room Condition Report by a staff member. The actual amount of any bill is not determined until all residents have vacated the residence halls and professional Maintenance Staff have performed the final inspection.
  • Make sure to update your permanent address in GOLD:
  • If you rented a refrigerator from Collegiate Concepts, they will be picked up starting June 8. UCSB is not involved in this rental process, so if you have any questions please contact Collegiate Concepts. 


  • Unless you are loading at a curb with UCSB staff members present, you are required to have a valid parking permit during move out or you run the risk of getting a citation. Transportation & Parking Services has created a special Move Out Parking Permit for the residence halls on East Campus. Move-out permits are available for purchase from the parking machines in lots 4, 5, 6, 9, and 23. Cost is $3. Channel Islands Road will be rerouted to one-way traffic 8am-5:30pm between Lots 5 and 8 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of move out week.
  • Manzanita and San Rafael Residents: Pull vehicle up to the loading zone once belongings are ready to be loaded. Honor the 30-minute loading zone time limit.
  • Santa Catalina Residents: Curbside loading along El Colegio Rd will be available Wednesday through Friday from 7am to 7pm and Saturday from 7am to Noon. Move out permits are available for purchase from the parking machine in lot 60.
  • Complimentary parking is in effect on Commencement Weekend. Lot 23 will be closed starting Thursday at 7pm for commencement. Please park in Lot 22, 27 or 30 at that time.
  • Ocean Road will be limited to one-way traffic immediately following each commencement ceremony. Vehicles attempting to gain access to Lots 22, 23, 24, 27, SRB, San Rafael, and Manzanita will be redirected to Lot 30 until commencement traffic has exited Lots 22 and 23.
  • For parking lot maps and more information, contact Transportation & Parking Services.

Transitional Student Housing

Conference & Hospitality Services offers Transitional Student Housing as a basic accommodation option to help bridge the period of time between the end of residence hall or apartment contracts and the period when the student’s summer housing becomes available.
  • This program is available only to UCSB students with valid PERM numbers
  • Room cost: $57/night
  • Located at San Miguel Residence Hall
  • All rooms are double occupancy; you will be assigned a roommate
  • Meals are not included
  • Rooms are booked on a first come, first served basis
  • 2019 dates: June 13 at 5:00pm - July 2 at 3:00pm
For more information and to register, visit

Move Out Tips

  • Start packing early: Pack coats, shoes, or items that you don’t use often and take them home early, if possible. This will make it much less stressful to pack up your car in June
  • If family members come visit you, send things home early with them
  • See below for more tips to achieving a zero waste move out 

We Support Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling  

Zero Waste Tips for an Easy Move Out 
  • Donate what you can. IV GIVE collects unwanted items from UCSB/IV residents, including clothing, furniture, electronics, household items, toiletries, books, and nonperishable foods. Drop-off containers are located at the UCSB Residence Halls, UCSB Apartments, and Embarcadero Hall in early June. The GIVE Sale in 2019 is on Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd from 8am-5pm at Embarcadero Hall. Proceeds benefit IV non-profits and projects.
  • Remove recyclables early. Recycle bins tend to fill up at the end of the quarter as everyone prepares to move out. Clear out old notebooks, extra papers, and accumulated bottles and cans early to prevent the overflow. This also helps to reduce clutter.
  • Swap items with friends. Check in with your friends and neighbors to see if anyone has interest in that old sweater that you only wore once this winter, textbooks for next year’s classes, or even one of your spare water bottles. Exchange clothing, furniture, and books on Facebook as well. 
  • Pack with reusable or recyclable materials. Use reusable bins and bags, such as laundry baskets, to pack your belongings. Avoid using plastic trash bags. Use recycled boxes if needed ─ check a local grocery store, liquor store, or your workplace. Avoid using tape. Fold the flaps of your cardboard boxes so they will not require tape. Instead of bubble wrap, try household towels or newspaper for fragile items. Make sure to reuse or recycle all of your packaging later. 
  • Properly dispose of your items. Large furniture items should not be discarded on the sidewalks. Marborg conducts large-item pickups in Isla Vista during the last two weeks of June.
  • E-waste can be dropped off at the residence halls, the library, and more.
  • Compost any food waste that you clean out of the fridge.  
 ​Follow the above tips and together we can make a difference in supporting UCSB on its way to becoming a sustainable community!