residential operations staff member

Maintenance & Work Requests

DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS, our staff maintains all housing facilities and addresses work order requests handled through the Operations Service Center. You can submit maintenance requests for your residence hall or UCSB apartment online. In case of emergency, such as a shattered window or major plumbing issue, contact your front desk. After hours and on weekends, please report maintenance emergencies to your on-call staff. 


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  • Residence hall student initiative prompted a campus-wide recycling program for newspaper, aluminum, glass, paper, plastic, cardboard, and batteries.
  • Recycling requires your personal commitment.
  • Please think about what you buy (reusable items that have little packaging and are made of recyclable products) and how you might reuse it.
  • Landfills are almost full and new locations are scarce.
  • For more information, contact the Energy and Environmental Office (805-893-3092) or the Recycling Coordinator in your building.
  • Also see our Earth-friendly Living section

Energy Conservation Programs

  • Saving energy cleans the air and saves money.
  • Turn off lights, computers, TVs and printers, when not in use.
  • Contact your Custodial Supervisor or Resident Director for assistance.
  • Innovative conservation programs help students use energy resources more efficiently.
  • Using unbleached, recycled napkins and composting food waste in dining facilities.
  • Recycling cardboard, newspaper, and other materials instead of sending to landfills.
  • Residence Halls Association recycling program and other environmental committees.
  • Energy efficient equipment used throughout the housing facilities to reduce consumption.
  • Solar water heating systems provides 70% of the hot water.
  • Retrofitted lighting and heating systems finded through federal grants.
  • Adjustable heater valves in student rooms. Five is the warmest and zero is the coolest.