Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a unique and engaging community experience through themed living options. As a member of an LLC you’ll be able to connect with students who share similar interests, participate in fun and exciting activities, and explore your community’s theme through programs with faculty and staff mentors. Although LLCs are optional, they are a rewarding aspect of living in the residence halls! If you would like to join an LLC, during the contract and self-assignment process book yourself in a room in the LLC of your choosing.

Culture & identity living learning communities
Global Living Experience You can travel the world without leaving our house because just about the whole world is represented in Global Living. It is a perfect place for students majoring in Global Studies or language, international students, education abroad program participants, and those who love travel and learning about other cultures. This cross-cultural experience will offer special programs and activities designed to allow you to make friends with people from all over the world.
Asian & Pacific Islander Scholars This dynamic and active floor explores the broad and rich diversity of the API community. Supported by the API student mentors, we have in-depth discussions, fun social activities, and cultural celebrations. You'll have numberous opportunities to learn more about API identities, get connected to campus organizations, and make friendships that last a lifetime!
Black/African-American Scholars The Black/African American Scholars Floor is dedicated to enriching the collegiate experiences of Black/African American Students on this campus by providing our residents academic, social and cultural resources. We collaborate with returning students from the hall who serve as Dr. Clyde Woods Black Scholar Mentors to help provide well-rounded support to our residents and get them connected to campus organizations, faculty, and the Black/African American community on campus. We are invested in each other’s success, strengthening our community, and empowering future leaders of change! To learn more, please watch residents of the Black Scholars Hall talking about their experiences.
Chicanx/Latinx Scholars Bienvenido! This is a community for those who identify with the Chicanx/Latinx community or are interested in exploring Chicanx/Latinx identities and cultures. You'll always feel at home and supported on our floor.  Continuing students serve as mentors to help residents get involved in our community and the university through community service, leadership development, and cultural celebrations.
Multicultural Experience This vibrant community allows us to explore our diverse cultures, while appreciating mutual respect and enjoying the richness that people from different backgrounds bring to our floor. We discuss our beliefs together, learn about new experiences from each other, and maintain a strong sense of identity in our community where everyone is supported to discover their best selves. We strive to role model how all people can live together peacefully.
Rainbow House This is a safer and supportive environment for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, a-sexual and/or for allies of the community. This is also a space to develop, foster, and explore identity as well as get connected to LGBTQ+ resources inside and outside of the Rainbow House. Please note, on move-in day, students can expect a neutral environment that is not indicative of our theme so as to protect the privacy of individuals that are not yet “out” to family or friends moving them in.
First Generation Scholars If your parents did not receive or have access to a college education, you are a member of the unique population of first generation college students at UCSB! This LLC provides additional resources and mentorship that will help you feel comfortable as you learn the ins and outs of college. Students that come from families without a college culture will appreciate living in this helpful environment with others from similar backgrounds. Understanding financial aid, registering for classes, choosing a major, figuring out housing options, and exploring extracurricular activities are among the programs and activities you can expect while having fun with others who share this new collegiate adventure!


lifestyle living learning communities
Outdoor Adventure Hiking, biking, running, climbing, camping, kayaking, surfing, snowboarding… if this sounds like you, then this is your LLC! We love to make the most of living in Santa Barbara. We get out and explore the mountains and ocean, plan weekend trips, and teach each other about our outdoor areas of expertise and interests. You’re guaranteed to get those endorphins going and have fun.
Substance-Free It is a myth that you have to party to enjoy college, and we are a community that proves it. We live with less peer pressure to drink, smoke or use drugs, and instead have a greater focus on having fun, naturally. We love to find interesting things to do on weekend nights and take advantage of campus and local community events. Trust us, there’s a lot to do on the weekends around here!
Wellness Our college years are short, so we want to get the most out of them. However, it’s equally important that we maintain a healthy balance. Looking holistically to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and vocationally, we have a variety of activities on our floor. We learn about everything from stress management, to nutrition, to positive psychology and personal finance. We also get out and explore Santa Barbara, and enjoy events like yoga and meditation.  We live well.


special interest & academic living learning communities
Women in STEM House Are you a woman in STEM? This house is home to women in the fields of math, physics, life sciences, chemistry and engineering. We aim for our community to be an empowering and supportive space, particularly as there aren't many women represented in the STEM field. In conjunction with faculty and campus organizations, we'll connect residents to other like-minded women on campus who might just be future Nobel laureates!
Creative & Performing Arts Calling all artists, dancers, musicians, writers, actors, singers, and film makers – we are your people. Here you’ll live with others who not only encourage your talents and creativity, but share your artistic point of view. And, the creative collaborations are limitless! We also love to go to campus performances together and explore events in Santa Barbara. No need to hold the applause in this community.
First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) The best part of living on FYRE is that almost all of us are enrolled in Education 20, “Introduction to the Research University” during Winter Quarter. So, we’re classmates as well as hallmates. FYRE brings so many university resources right to us, like academic advisors.  We also have mentors (students who lived on the floor last year) who help us make our first year a memorable one. Consider FYRE an educational mash-up, combining living and learning.
Second Year Residential Experience (SYRE) The SYRE floor is a community open to all students in their second year or beyond who are looking to receive additional support and direction in their personal and academic goals. SYRE further explores UCSB’s values of scholarship, leadership and citizenship in a sophomore focused space through research proven support systems of career and academic advising, as well as leadership involvement. Many SYRE students are also active as mentors to the FYRE floors, and involved in hall government. Live here to gain a better sense of your own personal and academic direction, while expanding friendships with other thriving second year students.
Scholars Floors Many of the university's Regent Scholars, Chancellor’s Scholars, Honors at Entrance students (Letters & Science Honors Program and College of Engineering Honors Program) or Honors students will find a great community here! We create opportunities for you to connect with faculty, have study groups and thought-provoking workshops, as well as social events. Our floors/houses focus on academic and holistic success in a supportive and engaging manner.
College of Creative Studies House The College of Creative Studies is home to fewer than 400 undergraduates, many of whom reside in the CCS House due to its uniquely supportive, engaging, and academic environment. CCS attracts driven and focused undergrads who typically pursue an accelerated course of study and are expected to partner with faculty in creating new knowledge through research opportunities and creative activity. Activities within the first year CCS house include meals with faculty, study groups, advising sessions, and other social opportunities.

To inquire about gender inclusive housing options available for students that identify as trans* or non-binary, please contact Mario Muñoz, University & Community Housing Services, at