Housing Accommodations

The Special Housing Accommodations committee reviews requests from students with disability-based housing needs. If you are seeking an accommodation in university housing: 

  1. Contact University & Community Housing Services (UCHS) via phone (805-893-4371) or email (housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu) to request access to the Special Housing Accommodations process.   
  2. Complete the Specific Accommodation Request and Information Release Form  
  3. Have your clinician complete the Diagnosing Professional’s Form which is emailed to you after completing the Specific Accommodation and Information Release Form in Step 2.  
  4. Once the Diagnosing Professional's Form is completed, upload the document to our system and we will forward your request for review.  

Please note that the review committee meets monthly and be aware that the entire process can take up to six weeks before you are notified about the status of your request. 

Please understand: 

  1. You must have applied for university housing via the online process and must be eligible for university housing as well as meet deadlines and payments established by UCHS. If you are concerned about your housing eligibility, please consult the UCHS office staff. 
  2. The Request for Special Housing Accommodations is supplemental to the university housing contract. 
  3. The Diagnosing Professional’s Form must be completed by a certified, licensed professional (e.g., primary care or other physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, LCSW, or LMFT) that is not a relative of the applicant
  4. To request a disability accommodation for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), please contact UCHS to inquire about a separate process which requires a cover letter as well as a letter of support from a diagnosing professional and can take up to eight weeks before you are notified about the status of your request
  5. The Special Housing Accommodations committee only recommends accommodations based on a documented, medical need; housing preferences are handled by UCHS. 
  6. You will be notified about the status of your request after the committee has reviwed your documentation and made a decision as to whether an accommodation is recommended. 

Resolve a grievance:

If you have a grievance about the Housing Accommodation process or outcome, you should submit a Resolve a Grievance Form here.