West Campus Entrance Relocation and Storm Drain Installation

March 6, 2014

After being delayed by last weekend’s storm, the West Campus/Sierra Madre Court entrance realignment and stormwater drain installation work is back underway.  This project is laying a new storm water drain under the road to alleviate the historical flooding issue at the entrance and Storke Rd. during storms. 

The loud saw cutting of existing asphalt will continue off and on for next week, and there will also be additional noise from heavy equipment digging and laying of pipes.  This work will be both inside and outside the construction fencing, with most of the work outside the fencing happening at the entrance where it will cut across the road diagonally.

There are no detours planned, but residents should be cautious of equipment in the roadway. The entrance to West Campus will never be closed, however there may be occasional waits of a few minutes as equipment navigates the area.

Per California Coastal Commission guidelines, this work is authorized to begin at 7:00am.  When possible we will give West Campus residents notice of excessive noise before 8:30am, however due to the nature of construction we do not always get advance notice from contractors. The early start time is important in ensuring a quick completion of this project.

We apologize for the noise experienced by this project, and look forward to providing residents with a safer, flood free entrance when the project is completed.