Water Service Disruption at West Campus Apts on 1/28/14

January 23, 2014

We have received word from the Goleta Water District that there will be a planned water shut off next Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at the West Campus Apartments. All water (hot and cold) will be disrupted between the hours of 8am and 5pm.  We are expecting this outage to affect all apartments; however it is possible that some apartments on the south side of the complex will not be affected.  Goleta Water will be posting notices on all apartments in West Campus this afternoon.

Traffic along the perimeter road just past the entrance will be reduced to one lane by the work site, and there will be workers on hand directing traffic. 

The purpose of this work is to replace an existing aged valve and install a ‘T’ connection for future work to tie the north and south water systems together at West Campus, and to provide a tap in for Sierra Madre Village Apts.  As a result of the work completed during this disruption, the water service at West Campus will be more dependable, eventually with a looped system fed from both the north and the south meters so that future water pipe maintenance will not require a complete shutdown.

Please contact our West Campus office if you have additional questions at 893-3040 (M-F, 8am – noon) or the Storke office at 893-2617.