Update 8/27/15: KITP Residence Concrete Pour

August 21, 2015

Update: The second concrete pour date has been rescheduled to Wednesday, September 2 instead of Tuesday, September 8 as originally noted below.

There will be some increased activity around the KITP Residence Project on Friday, August 28 and Tuesday, September 8.  During this time, concrete will be placed for the structural slab of the building.  Concrete trucks will be entering and exiting the site through parking lot 38.   Work is scheduled to begin at 7:00am on both days.  San Clemente residents can expect to hear a concrete pump as well as the sound of trucks backing in and out of the site.  We apologize for any noise impacts this may have.

Please feel free to email campus representative Ray.Aronson@dcs.ucsb.edu if additional information about the KITP project is needed.