Upcoming projects at West Campus

February 14, 2014


We have several new projects starting at the Sierra Madre construction site in the next week, and wanted to inform you of potential impacts at West Campus.  Due to the nature of construction it is difficult to predict with accuracy the exact start/end dates of large projects, and appreciate your flexibility in the process.  Please know that we are doing our best to give you as many details as possible, as soon as we receive them.   Below is a summary of the work we have been made aware of, and as many details as we can provide.  We will continue to update the project blog with additional details as we receive them (http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/projects-blog).

Upcoming projects at West Campus:

1. Pipe Installation along the perimeter road at the back of the complex where the fence line was recently removed (near lot 3).  Goleta Water District will lay a water line in that widened section just created by the removal of the fence and curb.  After this step the area will be paved and turned into a two way road.  Construction crews will be in the road, but vehicle passage will be allowed at ALL times regardless of what is happening in this area.  GWD will start in next few days, and probably take about a week to 10 days to lay the line, another 3-4 to connect it at each end, approximately 2 weeks total.  We do not yet know if the paving will occur immediately after this phase, or be scheduled for a later date.

2. Goleta Water District maintenance project at the front of the complex, by building 710.  Crews will be working in spaces 236 and 237.  We anticipate minor noise, and no traffic detours or delays.  Anticipated start date of 2/13/14, and duration of 1 week.

3. Excavation on the construction site will begin for the SMV project for the widening of Sierra Madre Court.  Much of this will occur behind the existing construction fence line for the back half of the road.

4. Excavation will also now start this Saturday, 2/15/14 to realign the front main Sierra Madre entrance off Storke.  This will entail grading down of the mound on the north side of the existing green space to bring a level driveway road.   The existing road/driveway will remain in place and in use during this period until traffic can be moved safely over to the new entrance to the south.   This grading for the new entrance will also create a gravel base walk path on the south side of the new road, leading out to Storke road from the NE corner of WCFSH complex.  Until the gravel pathway is created, residents are directed to walk back to the El Colegio road intersection to get to Storke road.  Eventually this will become a paved sidewalk in summer 2014. The bulk of driveway realignment work will take about 2-3+ weeks. 

The general entrance area and the green space lawn will be under some kind of construction starting soon, all the way through to end of next summer 2015.  Local residents and Venoco vehicle traffic will always be able to traverse this front entrance during all of these changes. 

5. Painting red of the 30min parking zones on Sierra Madre Court between West Campus and new Sierra Madre will be done asap, per request of the Fire Department.  The red zones will remain as part of the permanent design solution.  There will not be any future parking on this road in the future; however Housing is committed to exploring alternative 30 minutes zone locations in the future once all construction at Sierra Madre is complete.