Storke Exterior Renovation Project

February 26, 2015

We are happy to announce that the Storke Exterior Renovation Project is scheduled to begin in early March. This project will repair exterior building components that are beyond typical maintenance and need to be replaced to mitigate water intrusion and prepare the complex for future painting. We do not anticipate that the contractor will need to access your apartment at any time during construction, but they will be working on the front of your building, and in the interior courtyard at some point during the project. We will send out timely e-mails in advance of any work that may impact your residence.

Project Scope: The main scope of work includes the renovation of exterior stairs, replacement of rafter tails and roof eaves, as well as the addition of new gutters and downspouts to help shed water away from the buildings.

Hours of Work: The hours of work for this project are 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. *No noisy work will start before 9:00am

Duration: The project will take approximately 8 months to complete. The contractor is estimating that it will take 2 weeks per building to complete these exterior repairs, and an additional 2 weeks per building for stairwell repairs. The duration of this work may be longer or shorter depending on the condition of each building.

Building Repairs (approx. 2 wks/building): The contractor will be working from a boom lift in front of the apartments to access the rafter tails. The existing rafter tails need to be sawed off, which will create the most noise. They will also have to do some hammering to replace damaged plywood. Lastly, they will have to drill into the new facia board and stucco to install the new gutters and downspouts. Contingent on the delivery of materials, the contractor is scheduled to start repairing the rafter tails on the front side of Buildings 774 and 791 on Monday, March 2nd.

Stairwell Repairs (approx. 2 wks/building): The demolition of the exiting stairs and framing of the new stairs will create the most noise during these repairs. They will also need to core the concrete at the bottom of the stairwells to add new handrails. Each building will have access to at least one set of stairs during construction. The first sets of stairs to be replaced are on Buildings 760 and 781, tentatively on Monday, March 2nd.

We will be sending notices to the first sets of apartments affected soon. If you have questions or concerns please contact the Storke office at 893-2617.