Sierra Madre and Storke Road Improvements Construction Update

October 14, 2014

Construction is moving along quickly for all 6 of the buildings on the main Sierra Madre Villages site, with roofing starting to be installed on two of the buildings and concrete floors being poured every week. By the end of October, we should see windows and balcony sliding glass doors starting to be installed on two of the buildings, and the project is on schedule for students to move-in Fall of 2015!

While the Sierra Madre crews are working behind the construction fence, a separate concurrent project along Storke Road is underway. This Storke Road Improvements project includes a new solar powered crosswalk at the intersection of Whittier Drive and Storke Road, the expansion of Storke Road to two-lanes with a bike path, as well as a separate bus stop turnout and dedicated right-hand turn lane into the new Sierra Madre Court shared entrance to Sierra Madre Villages and West Campus Family Student Housing. The first phase of this project involves trenching and the re-routing of the overhead power lines underground, which will require temporary detours and one-lane traffic control for the entrance to West Campus Family Student Housing this Friday, October 17th. During this time we request that all vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians follow the posted signs, cones, and related traffic control measures.