San Joaquin Project Update

January 25, 2016

Construction is moving along quickly for the entire San Joaquin project! One of the two new 6-story Towers will have the concrete roof deck poured by the end of February, and the second 6-story Tower is scheduled to top out by the end of March. The project currently has two separate cranes working on-site, with one crane loading materials for the Towers and another working to finish out all the structural steel for the new Portola Dining Commons. At the intersection of El Colegio Road and the service road to Santa Catalina North, we ask that all residents continue to be mindful of all posted signs and traffic control measures, and we are looking forward to the upcoming El Colegio / Storke Road Improvements project which will be modifying the intersections and hardscape around Santa Catalina starting this Spring 2016.

Over at the north end of the site, the wood-framed Villages are coming together fast with bedroom windows starting to go in this week! These 3-story buildings will have the first residents of San Joaquin moving in this September 2016. For more information please visit the San Joaquin residence page.