San Joaquin Project Update

November 2, 2015

We are very excited to see the structures of the San Joaquin project start to rise up around Santa Catalina! Two of the four wood-framed Villages along the north end of the site will be completely framed out by December 2015, and crews are working hard to close in as many buildings as possible before the inclement winter weather starts rolling in. Over at the new Portola Dining Commons along El Colegio Road, all the foundations have been poured with only shear walls and the main level concrete deck remaining. Structural steel has been erected and the overall footprint of the new Portola with the amazing outdoor deck overlooking the mountains and pool are really taking shape. For the two new 6-story Towers on the corner of El Colegio Road and Storke Road, progress is moving along as well with the contractor rotating trades between the two towers one story at a time and metal stud framing starting on the lower levels.

We continue to make every effort to minimize the impact of the construction on our Santa Catalina residents, and one final electrical and water outage is being planned for winter break while the students are away. While the details of this outage will be coordinated in the next few weeks, the first step is some underground utility trenching that is scheduled to start Wednesday 11/4 and will displace a few bike racks. Please follow the posted signs and relocate your bike to another rack, and feel free to ask your front desk or email if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your understanding and hope you share our excitement to see this new facility come together!