San Joaquin Project Update

May 15, 2015

We are excited to update our H&RS community that the contractor is nearing completion of the new parking lot 60 to the west of Storke Road, with only irrigation, landscaping, site lighting, and asphalt striping remaining. The most recent schedule from the contractor shows the new lot being fully complete and ready for the construction fence to be taken down by the end of June 2015. Sitework on the main project site continues with the east access road and the connection to El Colegio Road at the Camino Corto intersection in progress and scheduled to be complete by early June. Once finished, this will become the primary access route for all deliveries to the existing Portola Dining Commons and Santa Catalina loading dock. In addition, the building pad for the new Portola Dining Commons along El Colegio Road has been over-excavated and compacted, and crews continue working on the site utilities that will feed this new building so that foundation work can follow suit. One of the furthest along portions of the project is the new south tower at the corner of Storke Road and El Colegio, where crews are working to complete the reinforcing and under-slab infrastructure in order to pour the new concrete foundation by the end of May just before study week. It will be great to see the project start getting out of the ground and our new residential facilities start taking shape this summer!