San Joaquin Project Update

March 16, 2015

The San Joaquin Apartments construction project continues to work on the site grading, with heavy earth-moving equipment mixing and compacting soil to prepare for the new building foundations. The new parking lot across Storke Road is also scheduled to be complete by the end of Spring Quarter.

With the Spring Break period upcoming at the end of this week, a temporary vehicle loading/unloading zone along the El Colegio Road curb will be setup on 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, and 3/29 to supplement the existing 30-minute parking spaces in the access road off Storke Road. We ask that all Santa Catalina residents and visitors be mindful of the 30-minute time limit to be courteous to their fellow residents, and two additional Rezzie Rider shuttles have been arranged to help residents get to and from Parking Lot 50.

To take advantage of the Spring Break vacancy and to minimize the impact on Santa Catalina residents, the project has scheduled a variety of work activities including additional site demolition and utility connections. The majority of this Spring Break shutdown work will be the removal of the exterior stairway from the Espacio level to the pool deck, as well as the modification of the fence line east of the pool to connect underground storm drain lines. Please follow all posted signs when returning from Spring Break and relocate your bicycle from any racks that have posted notices.

In early Spring Quarter the contractor is scheduling their first (and one of the largest) concrete pours for the new tower foundation. More information will be available come April, and we are all very excited to see the project start building up instead of digging down!