Project Start Notification - KITP Visiting Scholars Residence

October 14, 2014

The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) Visiting Scholar Residence Project is scheduled to start construction on Monday, October 20. While this donor-project is not directly managed by the University, we are including an update on this H&RS Project Blog since the project site is west of San Clemente Villages on the existing Parking Lot 53 (see attached image). With that said, all residents currently parked in Lot 53 will need to relocate their vehicles to Parking Lot 50 by 7:00AM on Monday, October 20th, when the contractor is scheduled to start installing the construction fencing. The project includes 32 apartment-style units in a three-story building that will provide temporary housing for visiting physicists, scientists, and scholars participating in KITP programs and provide a residential environment for continued interaction among the researchers and their families. Construction is scheduled through fall of 2015 and periodic updates will be posted on this Project Blog to update our H&RS residential community of any impacts.