KITP Residence Bike Path Closure – May 4 through May 11

May 1, 2015

A section of bike path located near the Encino Village of San Clemente Villages will be closed starting on Monday, May 4 and is scheduled to be reopened on Monday, May 11.  The contractor working on the KITP Residence project is experiencing a significant increase in water coming into the South-East corner of the project.  They need to address this as soon as possible.  They are using temporary measures through the weekend but will need to shut down the bike path in order to make the necessary repairs.  This will require a portion of the bike path to be removed so that the area can be excavated 6 feet down.  The contractor will drill new holes on the outside of the shoring to complete the repair.  Once that has been completed, they will bring the elevation back to grade and replace the section of bike path that was removed.

Detour signs will be posted to direct traffic.

Please feel free to email campus representative if additional information about the KITP project is needed.