Infrastructure Renewal Project Update - Spring Break Work

March 18, 2016

The Infrastructure Renewal 1B Project is scheduled to complete the work on UCen Road by this week, and starting Monday, March 21 trenching will start along Channel Islands Road between Lot 5 and De La Guerra. While access to the loading docks of DLG will be temporarily blocked for periods of time, the contractor plans to keep parking Lots 5 and 6 accessible at all times. Once the trenching and new utility work on Channel Islands Road is completed, the contractor will then continue down the service road running behind San Nicolas and San Miguel Residence Halls. The Deputy Campus Fire Marshal has requested that we relocate some bike racks between San Nicolas and San Miguel during this work to provide an alternate means of access for the fire department should there be an incident. In addition, the contractor also plans to trench and install new utility lines in the grass areas and courtyard space between Santa Rosa, DLG, and Lot 2 as shown on the attached map. Parking Lot 4 and the majority of parking spots in front of San Nicolas will remain accessible via UCen Road during this work. Lots 5 and 6 will all be accessible via Lagoon Road to Channel Islands Road. The contractor has been instructed to not start any loud work before 7:00AM, and this earlier start time was accepted in order to get as much work completed as possible while a majority of students are gone for Spring Break. The time frame for all this work is March 21-25. The project will move on to another area after the 25th. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ashley Monser at 805-893-5668 or by email at