Construction Updates for the Week of January 13, 2014

January 16, 2014

What’s happening at the Sierra Madre Villages construction site this week:

The first few months at the Sierra Madre Villages construction site have been productive! Site grading is complete, and the foundation is being poured. Walls are beginning to go up for Building 7 (12 month staff/faculty leases) on the north parcel. This building will be finished first and become the model as the other clusters (9month student leases) continue to be completed. 
Work is also continuing on ‘Sierra Madre Court’ - the newly named access road for Sierra Madre Villages, West Campus Apartments, and Veneco. Currently, the contractor is working on the south-east corner of the property, closest to the West Campus Apartments entrance. Once this work is complete, the entrance on Storke road will be relocated a bit further south to better align with the Santa Catalina entrance across the way. Later in the project this road will be widened, and bike lanes added on either side of the road.

Planned disturbances for this week:

Fencing at the south-east corner of the construction site continues to border the West Campus Apartments entrance as the work there is being finished up. Please exercise caution when entering/exiting the complex as visibility of pedestrians and vehicles is impaired.