Construction Update for the Week of May 12, 2014

May 13, 2014

What’s happening at the Sierra Madre Villages construction site this week:

Paving at the new West Campus/Sierra Madre Court and Storke road entrance has been completed.  All traffic entering/exiting the complex has been transitioned to the new road.  Work continues on either side of the road, adding sidewalks and widening the road for future two way traffic.  Tractors and associated noise can still be expected.

Work is also continuing along the back (west) side of the complex to widen the perimeter road to two way traffic.  Tractors and work crews will be present on the opposite side of the fence line, and will result in normal construction noise.

Last week another project (not directly related to the Sierra Madre construction) began on the West Campus lawn.  This project is bringing 12kv electrical service from campus down El Colegio Rd to the housing facilities on the west side of campus.  This project will update the electrical service infrastructure and bring improved service to our complexes and eliminate many current SCE direct electrical meters.  A stretch of the lawn paralleling Storke road was excavated to lay conduit, and wires will be pulled through in the near future.  Part of the West Campus lawn will remain fenced off for this project to be used as a lay down/staging  area for construction vehicles throughout the project.  The excavation for the line will also run in front of the existing Tot lot at some point soon, but will not remove the Tot lot.   

Behind the construction fencing for the Sierra Madre project, structures are going up on additional buildings.  With many of the building components (walls, complete porch towers, stairwells and some electrical systems being pre-fabricated off site, this work should go quickly, and much of the usual onsite construction fabrication (Hammering and drilling) is reduced. 

All work this week should occur off of the main road, so no traffic detours are expected, however there will be large equipment and associated noise at times.  The road is also slightly more narrow than usual, so please exercise caution when driving, and always follow the posted one way signage.