Phones: Residential Dining

Residential Dining
Cresencio Acevedo General Manager, De La Guerra Dining Commons 805-893-2812
Patt Lunsky Personnel Manager, De La Guerra Dining Commons 805-893-5782
Soteris Nicolaou General Manager, Carrillo Dining Commons 805-893-4496
Hyacinth Locke Personnel Manager, Carrillo Dining Commons 805-893-3017
Jeff Hillery General Manager, Ortega Dining Commons 805-893-2355
Jacques Manoux Personnel Manager, Ortega Dining Commons 805-893-2355
Martin Schneider General Manager, Portola Dining Commons 805-893-4302
Tim Sullivan Personnel Manager, Portola Dining Commons 805-893-4733
Ron Varenchik Associate Director, Special Events Catering, Campus Concessions & Residential Retail 805-893-3320
James Acebu Concessions Manager 805-893-4565
Ken Thompson Market Manager 805-893-2607
General Dining Information   805-893-3093
Jill Horst Executive Director, Campus Dining 805-893-4836
Marisol Gomez Administrative Manager 805-893-4835
Dusty Cooper Sr. Executive Chef 805-893-4919
Robbie Wright Associate Director 805-893-3315
Derrick Duong Purchasing Assistant 805-893-8528
Andrew Jordan Assistant Director of Business & Finance 805-893-2936
Jake Johnson Dining Business Assistant 805-893-3093
Vacant Accounts Payable Manager 805-893-3181
Danielle Kemp Dietitian, Purchasing and Systems Manager 805-893-5519
Eriko MacDonald Conference Dining Manager 805-893-7091