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Moving Into San Joaquin Villages

San Joaquin Villages

We are excited to have you join us at UCSB San Joaquin Villages for move in September 19 - 23, 9:00am - 5:00pmWe strongly suggest you avoid moving in from Friday September 21 - Sunday September 23 as your move in process will be severely impacted by the adjacent Santa Catalina Residence Hall move in, resulting in longer wait times in traffic and on-site during those dates. We understand circumstances sometimes dictate when you can move in, and we are excited to help you during move-in weekend, but we want to make sure you have all the information to make the best decision on how you want to move into your new home! Those students who choose to move in on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, September 19-21 will not pay additional rent for the extra nights they are here.

  • Where do I check in?
    • Move-in for San Joaquin Villages for 2018-19 begins September 19. Parking for check-in area is located in the Sierra Madre main parking lot 65 adjacent to Storke Road.
    • You may check in at the Sierra Madre main office between 9am and 5pm, or by calling the Resident Assistant on call between 5pm and 8pm at 805-869-3899
    • Starting Friday morning, September 21, through Sunday, September 23, we strongly discourage residents from moving into San Joaquin if they're able to come another day. We will be moving in 8000+ residents during this period across campus and believe that your move-in experience will be less than ideal during this time. Your best option is to move in before the 21st if you are able to.
      • If September 21 through September 23 is the best fit for your schedule, however, we will still be allowing residents to move in. Please proceed to the location on the map and you will be directed to where to park your car and where to check-in.  


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  • Where do I park during check in?

​​Please park in the Sierra Madre parking lot (Lot 65) in front of the Miramar Center.

  • Once you park in Lot 65, if you have someone with you we ask that they stay with the vehicle while you go check in and get your keys.  
  • To get your keys, bring an ID (preferably your Access Card) and proceed to the Miramar Center in Sierra Madre. Directional signage and/or staff will be available to make sure you know where to go.
  • Are there elevators to help during move in?
    • There is one elevator per each of the two towers, and one in each of the clusters in North Village which will be accessible via bridge walks between the buildings. You can see the locations of elevators via the San Joaquin map.
  • Where is my room or unit?

Please check the map below of your complex to see where your unit is located. If you still can't find it, please feel free to ask when you pick up your keys. You will be directed by staff at the check in site as to specifics of where to go to start unloading your vehilce to move into your unit.   

San Joaquin Villages

  • Where can I park after move in?
    • Wednesday, September 19 - Sunday, September 23
      • ​If you have a parking pass from Transportation & Parking Services (TPS) for the academic year, which you should have received in the mail for Lot 38, please affix it to the windshield on the driver's side and park in Lot 38.  
      • If you were issued a temporary permit from TPS via email, please make sure to print it out and bring it with you. Affix the temporary permit to the driver's side of your windshield and park in Lot 38.  
      • If you do not have a parking pass from TPS, we offer complimentary parking from September 19 - September 23. In the event that parking lots 38 and 30 fill up, please park in lot(s) 16, 18, or 22. Please place the teal or pink parking pass you received when picking up your apartment keys on your car's dashboard. TPS will start ticketing on Monday, September 24.
      • From Wednesday, September 19  through Sunday, September 23, shuttles are available from parking lots 38 and 30. Shuttles will run 8am-7pm and can take you to various areas around campus including a stop near San Joaquin Villages.
    • Parking permits during school year
      • San Joaquin Villages parking permits can be purchased for a yearly fee. Primary resident parking for San Joaquin residents is in Lot 38, with a smaller number of closer spaces available by lottery. Residents interested in obtaining a permit can register with Transportation & Parking Services in early September. For more information, or to register for the lottery please visit the Transportation & Parking Services website, or contact them by phone 805-893-2346 or email salesoffice@tps.ucsb.edu.