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Living with Us

A big part of any college student’s experience is where they live while at school. As part of the University, UCSB Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises is here for you for your entire UCSB experience. We are not-for-profit. We are for supporting the best academic and housing experience, and for putting the “profit” back into the organization to benefit our residents. We offer something for everyone in our eight residence halls and six apartment complexes… the social interaction and convenience of the residence halls, independent living in apartments, and communities for traditional and non-traditional families.

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Location, Location, Location

Santa Barbara is world-famous for sunny beaches, dramatic peaks, and a Mediterranean climate. We offer great living and recreational facilities steps from the Pacific Ocean, classes, and campus resources. Our residence halls include high- and low-rise buildings with spectacular ocean, lagoon, and mountain views. Our apartments are conveniently located between the main campus, Isla Vista, and shopping centers, and are accessible by bus, bike, or on foot. Many of our communities feature spacious outdoor areas for playing and studying.


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Our communities are a great way to meet people and get involved. Living Learning Communities in the residence halls connect students through similar interests, such as academics, recreational activities, culture, or the arts. Live-in staff members and Community Council student representatives plan numerous educational and social programs geared toward academic and personal success. Making new friends is easy, and there’s always something to do! Where else can you live where you can easily grab a group of people to play pool, ping-pong, basketball, volleyball, or dodgeball, get a study group going, or build a sandcastle? Want to focus on academics? UCSB Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises is dedicated to the mission of the University and to offering the ideal academic environment. Our communities include study spaces equipped with Smart Boards, a Faculty in Residence, computer labs, quiet hours, and we are steps from classes and campus resources.

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Earth Friendly Living

We are taking strides to protect, preserve, and regenerate our environmental resources by implementing “Earth Friendly” practices, and helping UCSB on its way to becoming a sustainable community. We are the largest department on campus and equivalent to a small city in terms of our resource demands. It has become imperative that we are good stewards of the environment and continue to seek new ways to live and act sustainably. A major objective of the housing program is to efficiently use existing energy resources, explore new technologies and alternatives, and utilize sustainable products and service methodologies. Residential Dining Services promotes a sustainable food system that stresses freshly prepared, local, organic and responsible food production. It is our hope that these initiatives will have a positive impact on our local environment and will make a difference in the lives of those who pass through our doors year after year.


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Delicious, Nutritious,  Fresh Food

Throw away all of your preconceived notions about campus dining. Our Dining Commons offer fresh, healthy, high quality, all-you-care-to-eat dining in various locations with convenient meal hours to meet a variety of needs and maximize convenience. Our extensive menus feature salad bars, fresh fruits and vegetables (local, organic, and sustainable whenever possible), and a variety of entrees and cooked-to-order specialties, as well as home-made desserts! Our Executive Chef offers weekly tasting tables, and each Dining Commons plans quarterly theme meals. In addition to food, Residential Dining Services offers nutrition education, wellness materials, and information about ethnic, religious and holiday meal traditions. NetNutrition is a helpful tool that keeps students informed on whether their meal is high or low in fat, salt, protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and calories.

Please see our dining section for more information..


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ucpd officersSafety

Your safety is our number one priority, and we do our best to protect students from harm. Residence Halls have self-locking doors, peepholes, smoke detectors, front desk attendants, and layers of student and UCSB professional on-call staff who are available for after-hours assistance, as well as community building. Students are automatically signed up for UCSB Alert, a system that sends messages during an emergency to phones, emails, and the digital signage located throughout our communities. Our communities are patrolled by the Community Service Organization (CSO) in cooperation with the UCSB Police Department. UCSB provides a 24-hour security escort service for students going to all parts of campus and to any point in Isla Vista. We highly encourage students to use this service or walk in groups at night. Staying safe on the Internet is also important. Our Information Technology department has created an Online Safety page with information to help you be proactive and protective about your personal information online. For more information regarding campus safety and security policies, crime statistics, and resources visit the UC Santa Barbara Police Department's Clery Act page.




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stephanie brower and hillary clintonLeadership & Employment Opportunities

We are committed to providing leadership and employment opportunities for students who live in UCSB communities. We have more than 800 student jobs and leadership positions, most of which go to our residents. In fact, you have to be a resident to be on the Executive Council of the Residence Halls Association (RHA), which is a national award-winning student leadership governance program that organizes student-run social and educational programs, conferences, and scholarships, as well as advocates for residents. In addition to RHA, we have three other Community Councils: the Graduate Student Apartments Community Council, the Single Student Apartment Community Council, and the Family Student Housing Tenant’s Association. One of our goals is to create job opportunities for our residents to develop specialized skills. Our student workers are the backbone of our workforce in areas of housekeeping, maintenance, grounds, conferences, clerical, food service, front desk attendants, network services, as well as Resident Assistants in the Residence Halls and University Apartments. It’s a win-win situation, as students get to enter the job market, gain valuable career skills, and work close to where they live, while the housing program has an excellent part-time workforce.

*Former RHA President Stephanie Brower and Hillary Clinton (pictured).

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Talented & Caring Staff

One vision of our Strategic Plan 2020 is “Talented Staff Who Care.” We strongly believe the quality of the Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises organization is directly linked to the quality of the staff, and that staff serve as role models to our residents and play an active role in supporting and motivating them. We ensure a diverse staff of exceptional quality by providing for continual professional development and recognition of our staff. Our staff consists not only of professionally trained staff members, but also technical, clerical and a variety of support staff members. Our friendly housekeeping and maintenance staff make sure housing facilities are dutifully maintained and cleaned, and respond quickly as needs arise. Our culinary staff members undergo annual training, including recipe development and testing new menu ideas. Resident Directors and Complex Coordinators have master’s degrees, and are a great resource to talk to if you’re considering graduate school. Assistant Resident Directors and Assistant Complex Coordinators are almost all UCSB graduates and a great resource for residents to learn and grow from. The next time you see a H&RS staff member, say “Hello!” We welcome student interaction to make our communities the best living and learning environment. We are here for you!

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Enjoy the ease of living in UCSB Housing! One person one bill. We’re wired. We’re simple and safe. We cook, we clean. We provide great study and leisure space. We have the 2&2 plan to maximize your UCSB housing experience at a great value. Students who live in the residence halls for two years are guaranteed housing in UCSB-owned apartments for their third and fourth years. There is no need to worry about housing for your entire UCSB experience, as long as you meet all deadlines. The residence hall nine-month contract includes room, flexible dining programs, utilities, high-speed wireless internet, regular housekeeping, 24 on-call maintenance, and furnishings. Apply here.


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