Important Numbers

Below is a list of important numbers for Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises and UCSB. If you need to contact someone at UCSB try the People Finder.

Main contacts
Main Housing Office 805-893-2760
Police, Fire & Rescue 911
Campus Police 805-893-3446
Campus Switchboard 805-893-8000
important numbers
Academic Advising - College of Creative Studies
Academic Advising - College of Engineering 805-893-2809
Academic Advising - College of Letters & Science 805-893-2038
After Hours: Family Student Housing 805-451-1660
After Hours: San Clemente Villages 805-451-9416
After Hours: El Dorado, Santa Ynez & Westgate Apartments 805-451-1470
After Hours: San Joaquin Villages & Sierra Madre Villages 805-869-3899
After Hours / Front Desk: Anacapa Residence Hall 805-893-2189
After Hours / Front Desk: Manzanita Village 805-893-6161
After Hours / Front Desk: San Miguel Residence Hall 805-893-2275
After Hours / Front Desk: San Nicolas Residence Hall 805-893-2469
After Hours / Front Desk: San Rafael Residence Hall 805-893-2569
After Hours / Front Desk: Santa Catalina Residence Hall 805-893-7202
After Hours / Front Desk: Santa Cruz Residence Hall 805-893-2680
After Hours / Front Desk: Santa Rosa Residence Hall 805-893-2772
AIDS Hotline
Airport (SBA)
Alcohol/Drug Awareness
BARC Office
Bike Shop (AS)
Bookstore (UCEN)
Bus (Greyhound)
Bus (MTD)
CARE: Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education (24/7 confidential hotline) 805-893-4613
Community Service Organization (CSO)
Community Housing Office (CHO)
Communication Services
Career Services
Dining Services Menus
Disabled Student Services
Disaster-Road Info
Domestic Violence Line and Shelter Services (24/7)
Educational Opportunity Program
Escort Service (CSO)
Financial Aid
Fire Marshal
Gas Company
Hospital (Sansum/Cottage)
Housing Main Line
Information (UCSB)
Isla Vista Medical Clinic
Legal Services (AS)
Maintenance Emergencies (M-F, 8a-5p; after hours report to on-call staff listed above under "after hours"). For a non-urgent maintenance issue, please place an online work order.
Multicultural Center
Ombuds Office
Parking Services
Poison Control Center
Rape Crisis Hotline (Santa Barbara County)
Recreation Center
Residence Housing Association
Resident Placement & Assignment Services - Apartments 805-893-4021
Resident Placement & Assignment Services - Residence Halls 805-893-5513
Residential & Community Living
ResNet Hotline
Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity 805-893-5847
Santa Ynez Office
Sierra Madre Villages Office 805-893-3570
SoCal Edison
Storke Family Housing Office
Student Health
Student Life, Office of
Students Needs Advising Center 805-893-2786
Train (Amtrak)
University Religious Center
Visitors Center
Women’s Center
Women’s Shelter Crisis