What's New at the Bookstore

December 22, 2017

Exciting Changes at the UCSB Bookstore

New Name
The UCSB Bookstore will gradually be changing its name to the UCSB Campus Store.

New Study Zone
The UCSB Campus Store has created a new Study Zone downstairs in the textbook department so students have another option when looking for a quiet place to study. It will be available during normal Campus Store hours.

UCSB Bookstore Digital Offerings
At the beginning of the Fall 2017 quarter the UCSB Campus Store signed up with a major e-book distributor in response to the changing course material needs of today's college students. With over 150 titles offered this Fall, the new e-book program offered students greater flexibility and availability with their course material choices. E-books can be purchased through the Campus Store's online website at www.bookstore.ucsb.edu or in-store by visiting the textbook counter downstairs at the Campus Store.

-Jean Singer