graduate apartment residents at GSACC graduation event

Graduate Student Apartments Community Council (GSACC)

The Graduate Student Apartments Community Council (GSACC) at San Clemente Villages consists of both graduate and undergraduate students, with the majority of positions being held by graduate students. Positions include the Chair of the Council, two representatives from each village, four officer positions, and a webmaster. They have an open process where interested students join the council as a representative, and then the council determines the officer positions. Representatives are appointed through an interactive nomination process that involves collecting signatures of 10% of the community.   

This council’s primary purpose is to facilitate community development and interaction between neighbors. They help Resident Assistants with programming and events and do their own programming with a community-wide focus, such as BBQs, socials, and dances. They also are instrumental in working with Housing & Residential Services staff to represent the needs of residents.