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Graduate Student General Information

Graduate Student Contracts
  • Note: for 2021-22, we are only offering contracts from Sep 1, 2021 - June 13, 2022 due to a tentatively planned renovation project.

SAN CLEMENTE VILLAGES, our graduate student apartment complex, provide 150 2-bedroom and 166 4-bedroom apartments for full-time UCSB students (primarily graduate students). All apartments have private bedrooms and are fully furnished.

Application Process

  • Takes place on-line
  • Continuing graduate students apply between April 1 - April 19.
  • New graduate students receive priority consideration for housing if they apply on time. The application process is between April 1 and May 14.


  • Continuing and new graduate students who are full-time, regularly enrolled UCSB students are eligible.

Furnishings & Facilities

  • Bedrooms are carpeted and contain an extra long full size bed, a closet, a bookcase, a drawer, a desk and chair for each student.
  • Kitchens have vinyl flooring and are equipped with cabinets, a sink with garbage disposal, a stove, microwave and a refrigerator. Appliances other than those furnished are not permitted.
  • Living/Dining Rooms are carpeted and furnished with a couch, chair(s), end table(s), coffee table, lamp(s), dining table and dining chairs.
  • Bathrooms have a shower unit, wash basin, toilet and medicine cabinets. Four bedroom apartments have 2 full bathrooms.
  • High-speed wired and wireless internet access is provided free of charge to all residents.
  • Parking is available, and permits may be obtained from the complex office at no further charge.
  • Community Centers are available for study and recreation.
  • Recycling is supported and encouraged.
  • In-Residence Staff are available for after-hours assistance and community building. 

Personal Property Insurance

  • The University of California strongly recommends renters insurance for all students. Renters insurance provides valuable protection if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged, including laptop computers, smartphones, bicycles, game consoles, textbooks, clothing and other personal items. If your laptop or other valuables are stolen or damaged, you are responsible for replacing them, not the school. Renter’s insurance may also protect you financially for unintentional damage to the apartment or bodily injury for which you are liable. This GradGuard insurance policy was designed for University of California students. Or, you can check with your family's homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to see if you are covered. If you don't have your housing assignment when you sign up, please use the following address:

University of California

Santa Barbara, CA  93107


For more information, please visit: GradGuard Insurance

Gender inclusive housing options are available. For more information, please contact Mario Munoz, Resident Placement & Assignment Services, at