Get Connected in an Amazing Environment!

There is so much to do at UCSB and many students don't know where to begin. In an effort to both encourage students to get involved, and educate them about opportunities they may not even know exist, the ChI-5 Banner project was formulated. All of the images below are banners found scattered throughout the Channel Islands Five Residence Halls (Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and San Nicolas). Please follow the links to learn more and to get connected in an amazing environment!

UCSB's Sunset TV

Photographer: Alex Ramos
Ride your cruiser along the bluffs and enjoy the spectacular sunsets. Not many campuses across the United States can boast an ocean view.

Feel the Thunder with NCAA Gaucho Basketball

Photographer: Tony Mastres
The Thunderdome is home to many UCSB teams, including men’s and women’s basketball and the women’s volleyball team. Opponents not only have to deal with our outstanding teams, but they also have to deal with the energetic fans that fill the dome with cheers that echo throughout. Learn more about the Thunderdome here: 

You're Just Steps Away from Campus Point

Photographer: Alex Ramos
Just a short walk away from our Channel Island 5 residence halls is the best surf spot at UCSB, Campus Point. The crashing waves on the rocks at the end of the beach create an opportunity for you to explore marine life in the tide pools. Not ready to get wet? A short walk up the Campus Point steps will leave you in awe of the breathtaking views in this paradise we call home.

Dare to Compete at RHA's All Hall Brawl

Photographer: Ben Pu
Our Residence Hall Association, or RHA, puts on events throughout the year to build community and create fun and lasting memories. At RHA’s All Hall Brawl, residents of every hall come to the Thunderdome, united, ready to prove that their hall is the best hall through a series of competitive games. The champions leave with bragging rights and a trophy to bring back to their hall. 

Get Lost & Find Yourself at the Lagoon Labyrinth

Photographer: Alex Ramos
Need to get away? The lagoon labyrinth was created with students’ well-being in mind, as a place to go when you’re overwhelmed, or just need some time to yourself. Overlooking the ocean, the labyrinth is the perfect setting for meditation, reflection, and rejuvenation. The journey to the center and back is a .6 mile walk that can help you get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Get Out & Play with Adventure Programs

Photographer: Cameron Smith
Craving adventure? UCSB’s Adventure Programs are here with the purpose of helping students “meet new people while discovering the cosmic wonders of nature.” Learn outdoor skills through a wide variety of trips that accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Trips include kayaking at Santa Cruz Island, backpacking in Yosemite, canoeing down the Colorado River, and more!

Reach for the Stars at the REEF Touch Tanks

Photographer: Alex Ramos
The best way to learn about the marine life that surrounds our school is through a hands-on experience at the REEF, the Research Experience and Education Facility. Starfish, sea urchins, fish, and other sea creatures call the REEF tanks home. You can also leave the touch tanks being able to tell your friends that you touched a baby shark!

Shape the Future Through Original Research

Photographer: Tony Mastres
Some of the greatest learning comes not in a lecture hall, but in a lab when you’re conducting research. Students are given opportunities to collaborate with faculty or take the initiative on their own individual research project. Students who have participated in research have an extra edge when applying to graduate programs and open their networks to professors and graduate scholars that can help further academic and professional careers.

Olé! Olé! Olé!

Photographer: Tony Mastres
Nobody knows how to vocalize school pride quite like the Gaucho Locos. Our Gaucho Locos are a student group on campus that you can find bringing the thunder to the Thunderdome or leading the crowd chants at soccer games.

Celebrate Yourself!

Photographer: Sean Lieberman
The A.S. Queer Commission, in its goal of representing and empowering the LGBTQI community at our university, works to create awareness of LGBTQI issues and reduce problems such as homophobia, hate incidents, and other forms of oppression. One of their many educational events is UCSB Pride week, a week-long event composed of many smaller events that are open to everyone. LGBTQI-identified and Allies are welcome to join the fun!

Welcome Spring at the Holi Festival of Colors

Photographer: Colleen “Coco” Audrey Lim
All students are welcome to join UCSB Indus in welcoming spring in colorful style at the Holi Festival of Color. Holi, a Southeast Asian cultural tradition that in addition to welcoming spring, promotes fun, friendship, and unity. 

Palms & Pelicans

Photographer: Tony Mastres
...are a pretty regular thing around the Channel Island 5 Residence Halls. Most of the locals are California Brown Pelicans but American White's come through town often and are found along the coast or just hang out at the campus lagoon. Just throw a towel down and watch the show.

Meet New Friends Through Gaucho R.E.C.

Photographer: Colleen “Coco” Audrey Lim
Every day in Santa Barbara is an opportunity for adventure. Our great outdoors inspire students to try new activities: kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and slack lining to name a few.

Enjoy Fall at the Local Pumpkin Patch

Photographer: Jeanmarie Levy
The local pumpkin patch is a popular place to get into the spirit of fall. Everyone’s welcome to explore the corn maze, go on a hayride, see the farm animals, pick a pumpkin, and try some of the delicious treats and snacks. It’s a fun experience for all ages!


It Takes More Than Brains to Survive RHA's Zombie Run

Photographer: Ben Pu
Not only does RHA know how to build community, they also know how to promote important life skills (like surviving a zombie apocalypse). Come put your survival skills to the test or live out your dreams of being a zombie. Get ready to run for your (soon to be undead) life!

Sing Along with a UCSB Vocal Group

Photographer: Tony Mastres
There are countless ways to showcase your talents at UCSB. From student-organized a Capella groups to the vocal groups and ensembles run through the Department of Music, UCSB has opportunities for all of our musically-inclined students.

Hike the Local Foothills

Photographer: David Whitman
In addition to our ocean, Santa Barbara is also home to beautiful mountains and trails that many students explore. 

Take a Chalk Walk at I Madonnari

Photographer: Tony Mastres
In May, Madonnari, or street painters, transform the Santa Barbara Mission plaza using pastels on pavement to create 150 vibrant and colorful images. There are many things to do in Santa Barbara including the Film Festival in January, Earth Day Festival in April, and more!

Make a Splash on an Intramural Team

Photographer: Ayeyi Aboagye
Looking for some after school fun? UCSB intramurals offers a variety of sports that are open to everyone of any skill level! There are leagues for every skill level, so star athletes and first-timers can find their place on the right team. You can form a team with friends or join a team to make new friends. Enjoy the fun of sports like soccer, badminton, volleyball and more without the commitment of practices and travelling!

Truly wonderful, the minds of Jedi Gauchos are.

Photographer: David Whitman
The UCSB Jedi Gauchos are a student organization formed by Star Wars enthusiasts, bringing other enthusiasts together to share the experience of light-saber training, choreography and to celebrate the Star Wars franchise. There are more than 400 student organizations on campus, so there’s something for everyone!

You're On Your Way!

Photographer: Tony Mastres
Every year UC Santa Barbara awards 5000+ undergraduate and graduate degrees. That accomplishment is celebrated in a variety of official commencement ceremonies, which are organized by college, level of degree and field of study. The Chancellor shakes the hand of every student graduating from the College of Creative Studies, the College of Engineering, the College of Letters and Science, the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and the Graduate Division. 

Join the Fun at RHA's Spring Carnivals

Photographer: Shervin Shaik
Students get an opportunity to bring many programs to their peers through the help of the Residence Halls Association. Spring Carnivals are the final hurrah for a year filled with fun programs like Week of Welcome, All Hall Ball, and All Hall Brawl. 

Discover New Worlds

Photographer: Tony Mastres
College is a time to gain new knowledge, skills and experience, and to be challenged and inspired. You’ll have the opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth, choose your own courses and class schedule, and participate in extracurricular activities. Whether you’ve mapped out a long-term plan or you see new possibilities every day, college can help you become your future self.

AS Program Board Presents: The Luminarium

Photographer: Alex Ramos
Every year, the AS Program board is responsible for thousands of smiles and great memories across campus. They organize concerts on campus, showcase unique and popular artists, screen free movies every Tuesday in IV Theater, and many other great events.

Explore Santa Barbara

Photographer: Tony Mastres
Downtown Santa Barbara is only a quick bus ride away! There is no need to splurge in order to have fun, as Santa Barbara is home to many wonders such as the Santa Barbara Courthouse (pictured), beautiful hiking trails, and spectacular ocean views. Feeling spontaneous? Ditch the bus and go on a scenic bike ride to these landmarks!

Step Into Student Life at the SRB

Photographer: Tony Mastres
The Student Resource Building (SRB) is home to many useful places on campus. From getting extra help for class with Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS) or enjoying the massage chair in the Women’s Center, the SRB is sure to become one of your most visited places on campus. 

Get Rolling with a UCSB Sport Club

Photographer: Alex Ramos
With 23 teams, 1000+ student-athletes, and 70 National Championships, the UCSB Sport Club program has proven itself to be one of the most successful programs in the nation. Join a team and play some rugby, go surfing, or dominate in field hockey!  

UCSB Surfing

Photographer: Tony Mastres
UCSB is the top surfer friendly campus on the west coast. Take a break from studying to enjoy the waves. Use the campus point surf cam to check out the surfing conditions!


Photographer: David Whitman
Having a beach next to campus is a perk not many get to experience. Take a jog, study on the beach, or enjoy some beach yoga with friends!

Dog Therapy Day

Photographer: Andrea Vargas
Dog Therapy Day occurs once a quarter around final exams. Visit these trained therapy dogs for comfort and support during one of the most hectic weeks on campus. 

UCSB Women's Basketball

Photographer: Tony Mastres
The women’s basketball team is an inspiring group of determined players. The team has won eight Big West Tournaments, and in 2004 they went national by participating in the NCAA tournament. Make sure to check the team out when their season kicks off in November.