Future Residents

Congratulations! One of the most exciting phases of your life is about to begin, and your home at UCSB will be an important part of your college experience. After you've been admitted to UCSB, one of the next steps is to decide where to live. To secure the best campus housing option to meet your needs, start with the community that is most applicable to you and available housing options are on each community page. Or go to our residences page, take a look a look around, and then visit Our Communities page to see where you best fit. If you want to know more about us, explore the links in #3 below.

For more information please use the contact form on the footer of every page or call us at 805-893-2760 (important numbers).

Who Are You?

The best way to learn about living options available to you is to determine your community. High School seniors entering UCSB typically fall into the 'Freshman' category, upperclassman can be ‘Continuing Students' or 'Transfer Students,' and so on. Proceed to our Communities page to learn more.


  • freshman
  • transfer students
  • graduate students
  • family students
  • continuing students
  • international students
  • education abroad students
  • winter & spring applicants
  • readmitted students
  • summer sessions
  • postdoctoral students
  • faculty
  • extension students
  • other


Where Can You Live?

We offer something for everyone... the social interaction and convenience of residence halls, independent living in apartments, and communities for traditional and non-traditional families. Visit our Residences page to explore specific buildings.



  • residence halls
  • undergraduate apartments
  • graduate apartments
  • family student apartments
  • faculty housing


Who Are We?

Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises

We are UCSB's largest department and provide housing and dining for UCSB students. Like a small city, we operate 24-hours a day and are responsible for student life services, capital planning, maintenance, and community safety. We employ 450+ full time staff and over 900 students. Learn more about us...

Campus Life & Resources

Through our living-learning environment and related educational programs, the lines blur between residential and academic life, making living in university-owned housing an integral part of the UCSB experience. Learn more about what's happening on campus through the links in this section.

Santa Barbara & the Local Community

Situated on 20 miles of pristine coastline and nestled along the Santa Ynez mountain range, Santa Barbara has been nicknamed the American Riviera. Learn more about the local area through the city’s website or several other links below.