residence halls

Can I have a microwave oven in my room?

No. For your safety as well as your hallmates' safety, and by order of the UCSB Fire Marshal, no cooking equipment, including microwave or toaster ovens, grills, hot plates, coffee makers, toasters, panini makers, rice cookers, slow cookers, induction cookware, etc. are permitted in any student room. We provide microwave ovens in hall kitchenettes for students’ use. Each residence hall front desk has pots, pans, etc., for check out using your Access ID card.

What is my mailing information?

Each student is assigned a mailbox that is used during the academic year as long as the student lives in the UCSB residence halls. Mailboxes are shared by four people, which includes your roommates. A student’s room number is not the mailing address. Students will be notified of their mailbox numbers prior to the opening of the halls. The mailboxes are at the Post Office located in the University Center (UCen).

Can I ship baggage to my hall prior to my arrival?

Please do not ship any baggage to arrive earlier than the opening of the residence halls each quarter. Neither the University nor the Housing & Residential Services Department have space to store and hold items pending your arrival. If it is necessary for you to ship items, please address these articles to yourself, your hall, and room number. Ask the shipper to hold these articles pending your arrival at UCSB. It may be necessary for you to personally pick up your belongings from the shipper.