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Family Student Housing: General Information

FAMILY STUDENT HOUSING provides a limited number of one- and two-bedroom, single-family units for full-time UCSB students. The apartments are rented on a month-to-month basis and are located in two separate complexes approximately 1 mile from the main campus. Families with children are given priority. 

Application Process

  • Available on-line and can be completed anytime, including prior to admittance to the university 
  • Priority given to families with children then married couples; otherwise, vacancies are filled in order by the date of application and desired move in date 
  • Families with children can expect to wait 3-6 months or less, based on availability 
  • Families without children wait 6-12 months, based on availability 
  • Future renovation projects may extend the normal waiting periods 


  • A "family" is defined as an established, long-term relationship with an exclusive mutual commitment in which members share the necessities of life and on-going responsibility for their common welfare. Eligible family members include: 
  • Your child(ren) 
  • Your spouse 
  • Your domestic partner 
  • Other family members must be reviewed and approved by University & Community Housing Services 

Students must reside with at least one eligible family member on a permanent, full-time basis for Family Student Housing. Documentation of eligibility is required. Although not required, an interview may be conducted to determine your family eligibility. 
*Roomers or boarders are not allowed to share apartments with tenants. 

Furnishings & Facilities

  • Kitchens are equipped with wood cabinets, a gas stove, exhaust fan, electric refrigerator, and garbage disposal. Other major appliances other than those furnished are not permitted. 
  • Bathrooms have a tub-shower unit, wash basin, toilet, and medicine cabinet. 
  • High-speed internet access is included in all apartments. 
  • Parking is limited to one space per apartment. Permits for a second-vehicle are limited and only available through a waiting list process. A permit may be purchased to park your second car in one of our other facilities. 
  • Schools are located from one block to three miles away. 
  • An exercise room in the Santa Ynez apartment complex is available to all residents of Family Student Housing with a small membership fee. 
  • Gardening plots are available in a community vegetable garden. 
  • Playgrounds, volleyball, basketball, and baseball courts are available to all residents. 
  • Community Centers are available for study and recreation. 
  • Recycling is supported and encouraged. 
  • In-Residence Staff: Complex Coordinator, Assistant Complex Coordinator, and Resident Assistants (RAs). 

Personal Property Insurance

  • The University of California strongly recommends renters insurance for all students. Renters insurance provides valuable protection if your personal belongings are stolen or damaged, including laptop computers, smartphones, bicycles, game consoles, textbooks, clothing and other personal items. If your laptop or other valuables are stolen or damaged, you are responsible for replacing them, not the school. Renter’s insurance may also protect you financially for unintentional damage to the apartment or bodily injury for which you are liable. This GradGuard insurance policy was designed for University of California students. Or, you can check with your family's homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to see if you are covered. If you don't have your housing assignment when you sign up, please use the following address:


University of California
Santa Barbara, CA  93107


For more information, please visit: GradGuard Insurance