Nutrition Talk

TO ACHIEVE A BALANCED and nourished life one needs to make certain dietary choices. Residential Dining Services is committed to providing the tools and resources to allow our customers to make those life choices. Our team is dedicated to advancing the well-being of our campus and community by offering nutritious and sustainable food.  We offer our customers nutritionally balanced meals to meet a myriad of dietary needs. Menus are designed to include choices for vegans, vegetarians and those who want a low fat diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables, and a variety of grains, nuts, legumes and juice, with no sugar added, are available. We integrate locally grown and organic foods throughout our menus as a part of overall campus sustainability efforts.

Customers who require special dietary and nutritional needs have many resources available. Our customers are able to use our online nutrition program NetNutrition to filter by specific dietary preference or allergens. Additionally, you have the opportunity to view nutrition labels of all food items offered in the dining commons. This program enables our customers to learn healthy eating habits and choose well balanced meals.

Another important aspect of our program is our focus on health and wellness through providing sustainable, local, and organic foods. Our dedication to wellness –personal and environmental- includes offering a large variety of healthy and sustainable food choices. We have the wonderful gift of being able to feature fresh ingredients grown by our local farmers.


UCSB Residential Dining Services is committed to identifying ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies, but also identifying ingredients containing gluten. We do extensive training with our employees to ensure safe food handling procedures are followed. Because we prepare our food in commercial kitchens, there is always a risk of cross contact of allergens as well as gluten. Furthermore, we want to ensure that our consumers are aware that allergens and gluten ingredients are susceptible to change. Deviation from the recipe, product substitution, manufacturing practices and other factors may take place. To note, manufacturers of the commercial foods UCSB Dining uses may change their formulation of ingredients or substitute other ingredients at any time, without notice. Students with food allergies, celiac disease or gluten sensitivity are encouraged to contact our Registered Dietitian for additional information and/or support. To better serve our guests with food allergies we strongly encourage them to self-identify as having food allergies and/or specific health related dietary restrictions and to meet with our dietitian and management team to review our protocols and available options to meet their specific need. We currently work with many guests with allergies and/or specific nutritional concerns and look forward to continuing to do so.