What is Trending at the Supermarket?

October 2, 2018
Let's take a quick peak at a couple of trends in supermarkets!
Meal Kits
Meal kits are all the rage right now. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, these are a grouping of pre-packaged ingredients, sold together and used to make a featured recipe. In 2017, meal kits generated $155 million in retail sales (based on surveys and annual sales). And about 25% of Americans said they purchased a meal kit this last year. A great idea, that gives people who may not be as familiar with cooking the option to prepare a home meal with a bit of help. Meal kets may persuade shoppers to try new recipes. If you enjoy using this option be sure to keep an eye out for meal options that a high in calories, sodium or saturated fat. If able, review the package labels before purchasing a meal kit. Nonetheless this still may be a fun and good option for the on the go student or professional.
Local continues to be a buzzword, and many Americans are selecting grocery items based on their locality. Overall, local continues to be trending especally when it comes of fresh produce items. Shoppers who are looking for local options believe the products are of higher quality, fresher, and better for the environment. This may be true, buying local may reduce food processing and travel time. The product could also be fresher and therefore contain more nutrients. And purchasing local may also help your local economy as the money is staying in the area. Reduced miles traveled may also decrease fuel and emissions contributing to additional sustainability. As a buyer be aware of what local means. How many miles from your city has the product traveled? Is local 250 miles or 500 or 1,000. Be sure to educate yourself about the definition of local to your grocery location.
Happy shopping!

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