Nutrition Week: Exotic Fruit Tasting

March 3, 2014
Baby Kiwi Fruit

Nutrition Week is finally here! To celebrate Nutrition Week the dining commons will host various events. One of the first events is an exotic fruit tasting. During dinner tonight Portola or Ortega will have various exotic fruit options including Dragon Fruit, Cherimoya, Kumquats, Cape Gooseberry, and Baby Kiwi. I am quite excited to try some of these fruits. I have tried Dragon Fruit, Cherimoyas and Kumquats but not the Cape Gooseberry or the Baby Kiwi. To celebrate Nutrition Week it seems fitting to provide you with the nutrition benefits of each fruit offered.

Dragon Fruit
• Region Grown: Central America
• Fact: Member of cactus family
• Nutrition: 3.5 oz provides 1 gram fiber, 9 mg vitamin C

• Region: South Asia, Central America, South America, Southern California including Santa Barbara
• Nutrition: Fat free, very low sodium, great source vitamin C, potassium and fiber

• Region: Native to South Asia and Asia Pacific Region
• Nutrition: Low fat, very low sodium great source vitamin C and fiber
• Tip: Eat the entire fruit, including the skin!

Cape Gooseberry
• Region: Native to high altitude, tropical Peru, and Columbia
• Fact: Berries are tart, similar texture to cherries
• Nutrition: Low fat, great source vitamin A &C, good source of fiber and potassium

Baby Kiwi
• Region: Northern China
• Nutrition: Low fat, sodium free, great source vitamin C&E, good source of fiber and potassium

Try something new this week and enjoy all of the nutrition week activities.

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