Nutrition Week Activities

February 26, 2015

Nutrition Week is next week, and I am very excited for all the fun activities that are planned. Today, I want to share some of those activities with you.

Monday, there will be an exotic fruit tasting at Carrillo and Portola during lunch. The fruit that will be featured include the baby kiwi, Cape gooseberry, dragon fruit, kumquats, and dates. The baby kiwi is my favorite- you eat them with the skin on!

Tuesday, DLG will be hosting a make your own trail mix event. Trail mix options include sliced almonds, pepitas, walnuts, dried blueberries, and dried cranberries. During this time you can also ask me any Nutrition related questions.

Wednesday, I will be at Ortega providing information about whole grains. Learn why whole grains are best! Or as Bon would say No Grain No Gain. Bob’s Red Mill products will be available (options include granola, quick oats, hot cereal, and muesli).

Thursday, Portola and Carrillo will be hosting a make your own yogurt parfait. Nonfat Greek Yogurt with blueberries will be available in addition to some packages of to go walnuts and peanuts. During this event be sure to ask Carrie Flack the Dietitian at Student Health, any nutrition related questions.

On Friday, all dining commons will have information about healthy beverages. Each dining commons will display a rethink your drink poster about the amount of sugar in common sodas. It is surprising and somewhat eye opening.

In addition to these fun events there are various vendors coming to the dining commons to table and provide fun samples. Some vendors include our local produce vendor Harvest Santa Barbara, The Berry Man, Natural Skippy Peanut Butter, IV Co-Op and many more.

There will also be an instagram contest taking place from Monday March 2nd- Thursday March 5th. The contest is called Healthy Selfie. We want you to take a fantastic photo of yourself with a nutritious dish during Nutrition Week. Follow @ucsb_res_dining on instagram, upload your photo and hashtag #NutritionWeekUCSB and tag @ucsb_res_dining! The prize is a bundle of nutritious and delicious treats including a gift card to blenders.

For more information about events taking place during Nutrition Week check out the calendar at each dining commons. There is also event information on digiknow!

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