Nutrition Week Activities

February 28, 2017

March is National Nutrition Month and UCSB Dining Commons in celebrating with a week of nutritional awareness! The festivities will take place at all Dining Commons throughout the week of March 6-10. Be sure to stop by during lunch and dinner, so you don’t miss out on FREE samples, FREE health information, and FREE fun!


Each day we will focus on a different food category that is key to understanding healthy eating and living. By the end of the week, you will have mastered the basics of Nutrition and will be able to make better decisions whether you are at the grocery store or dining in the Commons. Here’s what we have planned next week:

Monday 3/6: Fruits & Vegetables

Discover and taste exotic fruits like a cape gooseberry or a kumquat, and learn why we should be eating more fruits and vegetables. Check out the salad bars at all the dining commons for a fun surprise too!

Tuesday 3/7: Lean Protein

Make your own trail mix station and learn how to make simple snacks that are healthier than a bag of chips.

Wednesday 3/ 8:  Whole Grains

Learn the differences in the health benefits of whole grains and “white” refined grains and sample some healthy whole grain products from Bob’s Red Mill.

Thursday 3/9: Low Fat Dairy

Discover the healthy products that fall under dairy requirements. Make your own yogurt parfait with nonfat greek yogurt and four berries.

Friday 3/10: Healthy Beverages

Sample a variety of flavored waters and iced teas that are delicious and low in sugar. Learn how much sugar the typical foods we eat contain and how much we should be eating.

Various tabling events will be held at all dining commons check the calendar for details! Special guests include the National Peanut Board and the CA Walnut Council!


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