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March 18, 2019
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There are a lot of options for food when going out for a meal, especially in Santa Barbara. There is everything from fast food, breweries, Mexican, Thai, Italian, and more. In many areas across the U.S., the unhealthy places outweigh the healthy restaurants. However, there are several places you can go right here in Goleta and Santa Barbara if you are looking for a healthy lunch or dinner with your friends.
Green Table
Green Table is an organic, gluten-free restaurant that uses superfoods to boost energy and heal the soul. Their menu has a lot of creative and original recipes. “Green Table ushers a new era of guilt-free and healthy comfort food”, says the general manager, who promotes a plant-based, mostly raw, high energy lifestyle. Their goal is to bring delicious food to the table that balances the body and boosts vitality. Some of their menu items include a pulled mushroom burger, veggie stir fry, vegan veggie parm, and a white quinoa tabouli salad. 
The Honey B
At The Honey B, they believe in wholesome food that is good for your body and the planet. Their kitchen is 90% vegan and they try to keep their ingredients local and organic. One of the great features of The Honey B is that their menu is constantly changing with new creations. Their diverse menu ensures that every taste and diet will be satisfied. Even though a majority of the menu is vegan, each item is full of flavor; you won’t even miss the meat or cheese! One of the best parts about this eatery is that it is really affordable, with most items at $10 or less. Some of their most popular items include the cornbread waffle sandwich, spring rolls, vegan lasagna, and the abeja bowl.
The Natural Cafe 
The Natural Cafe’s dishes offer the freshest, healthiest, and most natural ingredients. They have a very large menu so everyone can find something they’ll enjoy. They have options for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, and even have choices for those who eat animal products. There are 3 locations nearby: one in Calle Real Marketplace, one off of Hitchcock Road, and one on lower State Street. They have everything from salads, stir fry, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, tacos, and more. Natural Cafe’s spacious interior is perfect for a big group of friends who want to enjoy a healthy meal together. 
Backyard Bowls
Backyard Bowls specializes in acai bowls, hot porridges, and smoothies. This quick and convenient option is perfect for breakfast or brunch. They provide healthy, delicious and fast meals options for people who strive to minimize their impact on the earth. They believe in eating the right food to fuel your body and that a better life is made through better food. On the menu, there are various flavors of acai bowls such as berry, island, green, cocoa almond, and peanut butter. One fun fact about Backyard Bowls is that you can mix and match various toppings like almond butter, chia seeds, matcha, cacao, toasted almonds, and more. As far as their bowls offerings, they have yogurt bowls, oat bowls and quinoa bowls.

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